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  1. higherthehigh

    Anyone used canna flush? Re-using coco also? Need advice

    has anyone ever used canna flush with coco? got a few plants that when i come to harvest i want them to be flushed properly with not one trace of a chemical taste and get the natural flavours, iv flushed a few times and not done it properly and the taste was horrific. would like to no how...
  2. E

    My girl won't flower! Need diagnosis

    Hi there, I m growing a feminized K Train under Cfls. I switched to 12/12 on 3.3.16. It s been 18 days and i still couldn t see any white hairs. There is no light leak (i ve checked it 100 times). I flushed it 2 times after veg. Also i recently reduced the light 11 hours of daylight just in...