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  1. DreamingTrees7

    Dreamingtree’s 3rd Round Grow, Soil, Fox Farms Trio, Happy Frog Soil, Blue Dream & Black Indica, Mars Eco 98’s

    Hey everyone! Welcome to my fresh clean orderly 3rd round grow journal. Let’s get started STRAINS Blue dream Black indica MEDIUM Happy frog soil in 5 gallon cloth pots NUTRIENTS Fox farms Tiger Bloom, Grow big, and Big Bloom Cal mag Great White mycorrhizae LIGHT 2 mars hydro eco 98’s...
  2. DreamingTrees7

    My 3x1.5x4 dresser grow: Happy Frog soil Mars 600

    Hello. I just built my grow box out of an old dresser and put it in my bedroom closet. It is 3 feet wide, 1.5 feet deep, and about 4 feet tall. I have 2, 6 inch 180 cfm inline fans from Home Depot to extract the heat produced by the 600w mars eco led grow light. I cut two 4 inch passive intake...
  3. TennesseJed

    G13 Haze, MSNL, Week 8 Of Flower

    G13 Haze from MSNL, week 8 in flower. 4 Plants are in a 4x4 tent, using a 600w HID and 2 -108w LED Grow Bars. Fox Farm Soil and the complete nutrient package, include micros.
  4. chopdoc

    Choppy's DWC Blue Cookies Grow Journal Oct 2018

    Strain is Blue Cookies from Crop King seeds. Indica Mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry Seed germinated 10-24 Indoor grow DWC Hydro Reservoir size 5 Gal 25W LED light for germination/seedling. 600W LED grow light for Veg/Flowering Grow tent 20 X 36 X 60 Nutrients &...
  5. Greensmurf420

    GreenSmurf's Back With LED, DWC, Multiple Strains

    After a little break I'm back with another journal. This time I'm starting off with 3 seeds from my own +- White Widow stock that I made a couple years ago. I bought original +- Nirvana White Widow and pollinated 1 female. For those who like to read up on the strain... Genetics Kerala x...
  6. H

    My first LED set up - Perpetual harvest grow!

    I have had experience growing some plants indoors and outdoors but I could use some help getting the best quality cannabis I can grow!
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