fridge grow

  1. Thunderthys

    Abandoned Fridge - CFL - Lst!

    Seen a fridge grow box on YouTube.. Had to do it and I'd recommend it for anyone to try.. Great for stealth grows.. Great for a personal supply and the best hobby I've ever tryd.. Turns out its not so hard to grow ur own killer bud.. But if u grew it, it's killer cuz u put 4 months I your life...
  2. Thunderthys

    Abandoned Fridge 250HPS - Freezer Clone Zone - Atomic NL#5 - Conkushion

    the big one in the bucket is the NL and theres 2 more seedlings started in the freezer but theres 5 or 6 NL clones in the aero cloner and a couple conkushion and autos... but i love that NL cheeb!!! post rooted pics soon added plant prod root booster to the aero cloner last growing...
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