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  1. frog and the Bandicoot 1.jpg

    frog and the Bandicoot 1.jpg

    Just hopped in to see what condition my condition is in
  2. G

    Help diagnosing what's making my plants decay

    Am trying to figure out what could cause my plants stems to start decaying thinking it is some sort of fungus they are in 5 gallon smart pots (soil) (happy frog) is on majority of plants all affecting almost every branch on the plant will add photos
  3. N

    Happy Frog Soil

    Trying new soil this go around. I am wondering and having a hard time finding information. Will I need to add nutrients to Happy Frog Potting Soil? Please advise and thank you for your time!!!!
  4. TheFertilizer

    Is Happy Frog stabilized with lime?

    I was wondering about Happy Frog and why it seems to always have a pH of 7. I have used this batch pretty much through two cycles and it's still hanging around at 7, despite all the nutrients, flushing, so on and so forth. I was wondering what I could do... Or if I even should... Mix into this...
  5. TheFertilizer

    Amend Happy Frog with these nutrients?

    My friend makes these nutrients, and he gave me quite a bit of them and suggested I amend my soil with them. However since then I have switched soils to Happy Frog and I can't find an NPK rating on it anywhere. Do these look like good nutrients?
  6. T

    Happy Frog and Ocean Forest mix with Perlite

    Easy All, First grow underway. Got some Feminized Blue Amnesia seeds from M.O.C. and dropped them in a glass of water to begin germination. Taproots are out a decent amount. Going to plant them in solo cups for a couple weeks. My question is, I have a bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forest...
  7. D

    Dapper's Second Attempt - Thin Mints - LED - Soil

    My first attempt at growing which I documented in this journal:Thin Mints - GalaxyHydro LED - Happy Frog ended with a total loss. I did try to get help along the way: Please Help! First Grow - Droopy Thin Mints And to learn from my mistakes:What went wrong? It seems that my biggest issue was...
  8. D

    Dirt's Perpetual Auto Adventure

    Hello and welcome everyone. I've been growing the same clone from a bag seed for a few years now and figured it was time to order some seeds. I went with a variety of indica, sativa, and autos. I went with an auto for my first journal. Here we go. Strain- Bomb seeds Berry Bomb auto...
  9. C

    Anyone Seen This Before?

    New leafs do this on 1 plant 3 weeks into veg / T5 LIGHT growing in happy frog soil water once a week W/RO water
  10. F

    Frog On Duty

    I took this picture today of a little tree frog on one of our Green Kush leaves. It was so cute I had to share. :)
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