1. K

    Funny song about marijuana legalization!

    I just want to share this link to "Easter Weed" -- it features the Easter Bunny, singing about how he likes to get stoned before heading out to deliver eggs and baskets every year!
  2. MiB-Immigration-Tour.jpg


    The girls are starting to scare me...
  3. Billyjack

    FIMing makes me feel a bit dirty

    I know it sounds funny but when I am FIMing, it always seems a bit dirty. Maybe I am some kind of sicko but when I am spreading the leaves and pinching off and cutting the top growth, it feels weird. Maybe it comes from the fact that on top of always seeming a little weird, a while ago, my...
  4. O

    Vermonter dedicated to the benefits of MMJ

    Hello all you peeps out there smoking them funny lil cigs....LOL on the 12/12 looking real good
  5. Hyena Merica

    Hyena's Never-Ending Adventures In Growing

    PROJECT 23: HYDROPONIC HOMEMADE HYBRIDS - AMNESIA HAZE X BLUE DREAM Plus WIDOW X BLUE DREAM By Hyena Merica CHAPTER 1 WELCOME TO MY WORLD Hello everybody, my name is Hyena Merica and yes, I am. Let's have some fun together and grow some great cannabis! If you have read my first...
  6. P

    Funny Flowers

    Hey guys. Ive got some funny flowers gojng on. Any ideas?
  7. K

    Funny Names For Your Plants and Pieces

    Have you ever named your plants or pieces, for example "Leaf Erickson" for the first seedling to sprout, "Wesley Pipes" for your badass pipe, "Johnny Appleweed" for your apple pipes. If you have any "Punny" names to share this is the thread for it. So far I have leaf erickson, Marilyn Mongrow...
  8. M

    Funny Medical Marijuana Video

    this is so funny! I took an intel commercial and replaced the microchip they are holding with some marijuana. Lemme know what you think -kj:tokin:
  9. B

    Wat up stoners! check out these stoner movies!

    :grinjoint: yo!! hey all you bud smokin peoples! if you wanna get really high and watch some real kool movies check out these classic pothead movies...original pothead Tommy Chong's new movie "Evil Bong 2" and "Shrunken Heads" a trippy ass movie you gotta get super high and watch em
  10. E

    Sleepwalker McCain: Pills Good, Marijuana Bad

    Obama not only admits to having tried marijuana, he freely admits to having inhaled saying, "that was the whole point." McCain has solemnly vowed to lock up even medicinal pot smokers but regularly uses powerful sleeping pills known to have hazardous side effects. Patriot or hypocrite? You...
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