Funny Names For Your Plants and Pieces


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Have you ever named your plants or pieces, for example "Leaf Erickson" for the first seedling to sprout, "Wesley Pipes" for your badass pipe, "Johnny Appleweed" for your apple pipes. If you have any "Punny" names to share this is the thread for it. So far I have leaf erickson, Marilyn Mongrow, grOprah Winfrey, Fim Kardashian, Michelle Growbama, Grown of Arc (Joan of arc), Scarlett Growhansson and so on...
They are generally lumped together and called my "other girlfriends" (use suitably sarcastic tone), by -you know who. But I don't get too creative naming them. 'Cooky' - my GSC cross, is my favorite plant at the moment because of her incredible smell.
Haven't tried it yet- first time with it from seed and it just started flowering 3 weeks ago. Was from some random cookies mix I got. I started another different GSC cross but axed it because it was being so finicky and fussy about nutes, and I needed room- so it was survival of the fittest...
I'm really looking forward to this one GSC though- if this is how she is at 3 weeks- the smell is going to be incredible later on!
On a tangent....the 'spouses and your grow' thread has some really funny moments in it - worth a read
I crossed a fat leafed indica and a unknown 20year old seeds.only one sprouted.I call them my children,it's a shame I have to kill all my son's
I call mine Mookie and Sweet Cheese regardless of Strain and i got a backyard male called Harley and if hes still around in January i will give him a female clone to play with so i will have seeds.
I had a AK47 that with a singular large cola that bent over from it's own weight during the last week of flower. My wife really knows nothing about the grow game, but she did comment that maybe I should name it John Holmes. I told her it was a female plant, that all the plants I keep past 4 weeks are females and the males are whacked off. Well, that started a firestorm of Comedy Central worthy banter that I can't post on a 420Magazine forum. One tangent did include something about harvest time and Lorena Bobbit.

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