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  1. D

    Help a guy out!

    Hey guys. I'm away to start my first hydroponics grow in around a week. I've been reading up on it for a month or so now and think I have it pretty much figured out, well.. the basics anyway. I'm just not sure about nutrition amount, ppm etc as there seems to be alot of conflicting info on the...
  2. Bubbafreed

    Too much LED light?

    Hi all please see the attached photo this is 2 * 800 in a 1.2 by 1.2 tent, I have been watching with regards to check PAR / LUX I don't seem to be able to get above 10000 LUX if I have one light on with regards to plants on the outside. So the question is am I over powered? Are my lights to...
  3. damnyourhot

    Can i flower this yet?

    dammit all the hell i wrote this and acc closed the browser window aghh i hate myself right now ok i have two plants one small one taller taller on has broader leaves lighter color shorter one darker color longer skinny leaves i think i may have a sea of green plant seed witht he shorter...
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