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  1. Growingasmile

    Plant mutation

    This is the secobd leaf like this to pop up recently lol, ever see this before? Still in veg.
  2. Growingasmile

    Twista, Grape Presidential, & 4 Ten Year Old Bag Seeds

    This is the beginning of this journey, ran out of calmag last grow and it's a bit of a drive from here to get some so they started in less than perfect conditions but they're still perfect girls.. one of them vibrates when I shade her lighting each plant is unique and abandoning some stinks, in...
  3. D

    Dick23rk Returns, Perpetual Indoor Gardens, 10'x12' Veg & Bloom, T5's, LED, HPS

    Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me and some of you may not, but there's a lot of new faces here that wont know me as well. I was around for a couple of years learning, helping and growing, then life gets busy sometimes and I had to take a break. I have now decided again that I want to...
  4. HighTv

    Hello I'm Hightv

    I run an account over at Grow Diaries as well as other social media profiles like Youtube and Instagram. I have been a long time user of this site for research and figured I should say thank you guys for the years of information! Anything I should know about when it comes to posting things on...
  5. vyserage

    G4-QB132 x12 RDWC 6x Jack Herer 4x4

    Aaaand we are off again! This time the full grow will be with the qb132's! Light: 12x qb132 3500k (running at 75 watts per row for now until they can handle the light closer or higher wattage.) Tent: 4x4 (48x48) Air: 4" inline fan on bottom of tent bringing in air. The positive pressure this...
  6. xZenn

    First Time Grower: Indoor DWC Critical Purple Autoflower Grow Journal

    First time grower here decided to do a journal just in case I had any question's or if anything went wrong, I have a fair amount of knowledge after browsing the web for quite a while and very excited for this project. Material's used: - AgroMax 2x4 tent - High-Yield Lighting Timer Outlet - 1...
  7. 60's Old Timer

    Scotts Miracle Grow Purchases General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply And Others

    MODERATOR: Please delete if inappropriate Note that I am new to the 420 Forums but not MJ Grows & MMJ. I have heard for years about the Scotts products & especially their Miracle Grow being like "poison" to our grows. There are 20+ links to this topic, so below I just pasted one if you want...
  8. Chem OG Autoflower

    Chem OG Autoflower

    Grown under a Kind K3 l600w LED. Promix HP General Hydroponics Element XXX
  9. 4

    LED & DWC - First Grow - Nirvana Blue Mystic

    Hello everyone! This grow journal is a continuation of my problem thread LED - DWC - First grow - Leaves look yellowish Please note that I live in Europe and I use the metric system with an EC conversion of 0.5 Setup: Deep Water Culture 180W LED Panel General Hydroponics Flora...
  10. E

    Waterfarm 8 Bucket Drip RDWC System - Need Ideas For Easier Flush Of System

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the site so I just want to say hello and thanks for everything beforehand. Now onto the matter at hand, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Waterfarm 8 bucket system with controller/reservoir (here is a link: WaterFarm Controller 8-Pk ). Now its a good...
  11. L

    3rd Grow Update!

    Whats going on brothers!!! I just wanted to post a little update on my progress. My last grow I ended up moving outside and allowed nature to take control and I yielded 1/4 pound dry off of 6 plants... I know, I know not very much, but I learned so much and to me that's where the value is as I...
  12. J

    JBois' 1st Grow - LED - Bubbleponics - White Widow Auto - March 2017

    Hello Fellow Growers This is my first grow and first post on this forum! Happy to be a part of the community. Here are the facts about my first grow. -I bought 5 white widow auto seeds from Nirvana. I also got 10 free seeds from them. -I am using a bubbleponics type of setup for my first...
  13. Isazam01

    Indoor Grow - 300W Mars - GH Flora Series/Botanicare Pure Blend Pro - 1st Time Grow

    Hello guys i started my first grow a months ago for personal use and a little money saver with some seeds that came on my medical cannabis its my very first time i really like somking weed and enjoy and now i really enjoy this about growing and i want to get more into it iam excited lol iam...
  14. Mopedstoner

    Nutrient additives

  15. A

    Root rot and GH-Flora DWC questions

    Hello, I'm a first time grower and I have a few questions regarding DWC. I use for medical reasons. Severe depression, anxiety etc. I decided to do some experimenting with just one plant, (bag seed) to see how manageable it is and what to expect. The plant is about one month into veg from seed...
  16. G

    White Widow Soil Grow

    Strain-----White Widow Method-----Soil Location---Indoor/growbox Medium----Miracle grow organic choice soil Lights---(6) CFLs...26w 6500k...26w 6500k...23w 6500k...23w 2700k...23w 2700k...26w 2700k Veg---7pm-1pm lights on Temp lights on----74* Temp lights off---67* RH--- 23%...
  17. B

    First HID Grow From Clone(s) Purple Kush Diaamond OG

    weeks 1 through 3 clones came from green dragon collective in the valley ca. clones were shot when i got them 2 out 4 1 didnt root period like it wasnt ready when i got it. pretty much a genaral hydroponics grow my base from start to finish 3x3x6 greow tent 400 watt dimmable lumetek 400sl 400...
  18. Mrgivemethat

    Mr. GMT'S GH Fluroduo Grow Off

    Hello all and welcome to my 2nd journal here at :420: and I gotta say I love you guys and ladies :). Shall we start? I'm gona be doing exactly what the title says a grow off BPN (2part)liquid blue vs GH (Floroduo) koolbloom STRAINS: THE CHURCH (GREENHOUSE) & QRAZY TRAIN (TGA SUBCOOL) MEDIUM...
  19. I

    Mixed Grow Tangarine Kush - Bro Berry Diesel - Purple Bubblegum

    Hello every one I'm trying to start a grow journal I have multiple plants in multiple stages at the moment Im going to Focus on my mixed grow that us already flowering. What strain is it? 1 tangarin kush 1 bro berry disel 1 purple bubblegum Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages...
  20. N

    N.C.Gold's 3-240w LED/Fogponics - Skywalker & Plat Bubba 2011

    Specs Strain: 8 Sky Walker OG and 4 Platinum Bubba from Clone Queen in LA.(Their sites down) Tent: 4L x 2W x 4H Set-up: 50 gallon tub, 12-5.5" net pots, Hydroton Fogponics: 3 Single head Nutramist Foggers, 1 regular 12" airstone and airpump, PC fan in the side of the tub pushing fog up...
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