1. ResinSaurusRex

    My successful monstercrop

    Meet Laqueefa, the cloned sister bitch of my old Jack Herer. She's straight up nasty but smells so delicious of grapefruit, grape bubble yum, and straight up Iraqi IED fuel truck bomb. I think she will keep getting bigger like the ghetto hood queen she is the more free food she keeps...
  2. I

    How healthy are these plants - Rookie operation - First day of flowering

    First day of flowering these plants are in the middle of week 9 . They dont show the sex just yet but in a few days will have that info . One of the plants has a defecincy problem if anybody can help il add those photos in , Using CFLs and T5s all the way it works and im broke. Used general...
  3. budnoob3

    Blue Dream High Brix - Stripped Down Version

    The goods: Humboldt Seed Organisation - Blue Dream This cross of Blueberry and Haze is known for its very pleasant fruity- tangy- earthy taste, blue color, and strong and lasting, mixed mind and body high. The high starts with a sativa high and finishes around 3 hours later with a relaxing...
  4. B

    Slim Budget First Time Grow Indoor Using Soil & CFLs

    Hey guys, I've recently decided to take up growing due to the fact that im having difficulty supporting my habit lol. Im on a super tight budget so im gonna call this my ghetto grow for now. I am currently using a modified computer case covered with a windshield reflector with 3 23watt cfls...
  5. C

    Wild marijuana monsters in my closet

    Please help a girl out, I might have the most tortured plants in existence but they have managed to grow surprisingly well so far. One is even flowering now after turning it to the 12/12 schedule but now I have been learning so much from the forums I am amazed they have survived at all, 3...
  6. H

    420's Hazey Haze - Unknown 2013 Grow Journal

    !Welcome To Hazey Haze's Grow Journal! Alright Guys so I decided to start what I call a "Ghetto" Grow. I don't have very much to invest which most people would suggest to stop, This is completely for a small yield and growing purposes. STRAIN: Unknown Vegetative state for a month or two I...
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