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420's Hazey Haze - Unknown 2013 Grow Journal

Should I stop growing?

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!Welcome To Hazey Haze's Grow Journal!
Alright Guys so I decided to start what I call a "Ghetto" Grow. I don't have very much to invest which most people would suggest to stop, This is completely for a small yield and growing purposes.
STRAIN: Unknown
Vegetative state for a month or two I hope
I am Doing a Indoor {Soil} Grow Consisting of potting mix with time released watering beads.
A Five gallon Bucket Lined with A foiler Reflective material I found laying around.
The light is a basic desk lamp rigged with a UV filtered lens. I have a 12" Fan to circulate the air a bit which creates a draft to the bathroom. The Temperature Is maybe 5-15 Degree's higher then room temp. Soon to get thermometer in there! When I started there was maybe a few red ants in the soil which I quickly removed because it scared me :) The soil said heavy water at first then water 30 days after and put my plant on a schedule. I normally just check everyday if the soil is moist above my finger knuckle. For light im not on a strict schedule I normally do 18/6 With NO timers all manual.

I currently Use no ferts. Though I might try eggshells.
The room Dimensions are\WIDTH: 2 ft 1/2 Length: 2 ft Height: 7 ft.\

Let me know if I missed anything



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Re: 420's Hazey Haze /UNKNOWN\ 2013 Grow Journ.

this is how its setup 5 gal. Bucket fan in the right corner of the room. Reflective material lined and a rigged lamp with a cone-like top :)
More progress to go and many more pictures.
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UPDATE:The top has just sprouted two more leaves and its going pretty good. I'm worried about my young-ling bottom leaves are turning yellowish and are hanging,Take a look should I worry? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Feedback is HIGHLY appreciated!
Yellow leaves,Kind of wilting what do you think?

Its been a few days but I've seen a huge difference in height/Sprout Agreed?

Once again ladies and gentlemen thank you for taking time and looking at this amazingly poor of a job I call growing :D Please correct me if I can make anything better without having to spend some $$$ Aha,Also one more question I've read florescent lights can almost touch the top leaves. But what do I do if the light reaches scorching temps.? I do have a fan but its not going to cool the glass UV lens. Should I keep it 1 ft away like I've had it or right up to my baby? Until next time Hazey Haze OUT.:420:

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the yellowing leaves are cotyledon leaves, do not bee too concerned about them. i am not sure what the uv filter you are using is helping. temperatures in the 85 degree range are good, 90 degrees are stressful, 95 degrees and over will cook your seedling , but you have not mentioned what temperature it is in there. you asked about florescent lighting, compact florescent lights can be moved 5-6 inches away from your plant. for vegetative growth you want a cool white 6500 kelvin light bulb and for flowering a warm white 2700 kelvin light bulb. the more light you can give to your plant the better. most compact florescent light growers usually have socket Y spliters with multiple lights placed around the plant. a fan circulating fresh air to your plant will also help to strengthen its stem.


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I did some research Upon those leaves I Had the idea of heat stress another along the lines of lack of C02 But I'm going with you judgement :) Also I inspected my lamp a bit more. Like I said I'm on a very low budget. My lights only a 35w Halogen Bulb :/ I'm willing to buy some new lights but do you think I could get some for under 10-20$? Also The fan that I have setup I've noticed my stem is very supportive so maybe its working! I read about the hand test with lights it didn't seem to hot but then again its still not the required bulb. Hopefully you could get back to me for some cheap light idea's so I can add it to my wishlist. Temp I'm still unsure yet to get a thermometer I know im slacking aha, Very appreciated of you replying with help!


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Fatal Update
Well I noticed that the potting soil I used began to shrink. Its job was to protect Under-watering and over watering but it just led to compact soil and poor root development. So I got a hold of some More soil and filled it up this time. Sadly the roots were short and undeveloped. So I'm paying extremely close attention to my baby as much as possible. Getting the thermometer along with a timer and hopefully if I find an efficient cheap light around the range of 10-20$ USD we will be back in business and I will update as much as possible. But since I did a Small move with it today I rearranged the setup to run cooler and maybe a little light tighter. So tell me what you think:

As you can see its a much smoother setup then how I originally had it. Less light leak,Fan pumps out air faster instead of just blowing in. And its surprisingly cooler. How do you guys like it?
Once again Thanks for taking time in giving me tips,Following my hopefully successful grow journal! Until Next time.


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remember to add about 1 drop of soap to the water, for it to drain faster. Like John said, Halogen is BAD, you will be investing time in a plant that will much likely remain poorly :( get some cheap fluros, or CFL's (In both colors if posible). Even when you dont have much to invest, what ever you are going to invest better make it the most of it.Just my opinion bro, hope that baby returns all you do for her. :peace:

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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.
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