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  1. Gorilla Seeds

    Happy New Year From Gorilla Seedbank & Barney's Farm

    Beyond that special 3 feminised seed gift pack the Gorilla's generously giving out this month with orders (the last day is 1/30 btw), he's also giving away a Barney's Farm gift pack for orders being paid with Cash or Bitcoin !!! This is on top of the usual free seeds Want to know which...
  2. D

    Normalizing cannabis in white elephant

    My company had a white elephant gift exchange and they said alcohol was an acceptable gift. I live in California, so I decided to shake things up by gifting a nice bud from my last grow. It came out to 3grams and looked really sweet in the mason jar. Being a responsible person, I printed a...
  3. C

    Critical Sensi Star Flower Day 45

    Hi Everyone: Attached are few pix of my current grow Bubba's Gift and Critical Sensi Star (Delicious Seeds) Flower Day 45. The specs are included in my Bubba's Gift thread below (soil, smart pots, 600W MH/HPS, H&G 25%). Critical Sensi Star is 10% Sativa - 90% Indica yet my girl on left went...
  4. C

    Bubba's Gift - Flower Day 37

    Hi Everyone: I wanted to post some pix of my latest grow - Bubba's Gift - Humboldt Seeds. I'm growing in organic soil, four gallons smart pots, under a 600W MH/HPS supplemented by four 24 watt LED and six 23 W CFL. I converted a storage room in my condo into grow room 6 x 4 x 8 dedicated...
  5. A

    Help me design a good marijuana gift box

    My brothers are just as big of potheads as me so I'm throwing together a weed gift box for them each but want more ideas. So far they're each getting: Grinder Hemp wick Alcohol swabs (easy way to clean your bowl) Clipper lighter Doob tube Prerolled joint (with weed from my grow) Glass joint...
  6. K

    God's Gift Plants

    Never really grown anything before I must they look good not tote my own horn are anything but check dem out and tell me what u think
  7. Gorilla Seeds

    Gorilla Seeds - 20% Off Bitcoin Orders Plus Free Gift

    I just noticed that they've added a new discount for bitcoin customers AND a free gift pack. I don't know what's in the gift pack, or how long this will last, but that's a pretty good deal - and I think you should still be able to use the CTC code to get some more freebies. If anyone wants...
  8. BonzaSeedBank

    Bonza Fathers Day

    Come and check out some strains you can get Dad for Fathers Day. What a great gift to give! :thumb: Cannabis Seeds from Bonza Seedbank
  9. S

    Scrog Gods Gift 5x5 - 2016

    5x5 grow lab 1000hps Advanced nutrients 9 clones Roots 707 soil Gods Gift ( gdp x og kush)
  10. db003

    Db003's Scrog - Humboldt Seeds - Bubba's Gift - Mars II 700

    hello everyone welcome to my grow this time around I will be growing two Humboldt Seed Organization Bubba's Gift in a scrog I just cleaned out the tent from my harvest today and got my seedling planted and ready to go this will be my sixth grow I think I have been growing autos for my last...
  11. J

    Benefiting Jose Martinez - Cheers to Goodness Christmas Gift 2015

  12. doctor green

    Malawi Gold - Bubbas Gift Fem - Afghani Seed

    Got my seeds today big thanks to Herbie's for their 100% success rate every time I have ordered from them! I have Malawi gold regular , bubbas gift fem, and Afghani reg, I plan to cross Malawi gold with bubbas gift to create what I will be calling gods golden gift . All will be documented...