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girl scout cookies

  1. Jae416ixside

    2nd Indoor Grow: Mars Hydro TS

    Starting my second grow in about a week or two just getting everything together, researching a little bit more since its been a couple years since my first grow. Will be using the MARS HYRDO TS SERIES LED Lights and growing two different strains. Ill be using FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting...
  2. Farthestnorth

    Indoor Auto Flower Grow: GG#4, Girl Scout Cookies x2 & 1 Northern Lights

    New journal starts now after last plant hermed on me. I got 4 seeds currently germinating in water glasses. Have everything all set up with living soil cooking for a month. I will be placing my germinated or un germinated seeds in organic pods and placing in their final resting place in my...
  3. Greenthumbs42019

    GT42019 2nd Journal, Girl Scout Cookies, Seedsman & Budgetled

    Hey all, the start of this grow for me has been a little challenging to say the least. Going to try and make this more details than my 1st journal. What strain is it? Blimburn Girl Scout Cookies from seedsman Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Sativa Is it in Veg or...
  4. IMG_20200311_202137.jpg


    GSC shatter bout to try her out
  5. Cookie Rosin.jpeg

    Cookie Rosin.jpeg

    I hit it...
  6. WK_7_end.jpg


    End of week 7 group shot
  7. WK_7_GSC.jpg


    Girlscout Cookies

    Something Wicked

  9. Swanberg

    Finally in a house!

    Finally into a house to fulfill my dreams of not buying weed ever again. So easy to grow. We have 2 Girl Scout and a wedding cake vegetating here and red Diesel, blue og, skywalker og, Ak 47 auto germinating, fill this bad boy up. Chicago buds. 1500w led. Swear, amazon supplies everything but...
  10. Top grade medical marijuana

    Top grade medical marijuana

    Get top grade medical marijuana for smokers and patients at good and affordable prices. Top shelf and wax available text or call (408) 641-7968 for menu and price list.
  11. 231Grower303

    Michigan Grower: Follow My Journey!

    Hey, fellow growers! New to this site but over the last 8 years have been a grower as a caregiver, personal use, and as a commercial head grower in CO. Haven't had my own personal grow in a while, and wanted to share it with the 420 community. Currently running just a small grow, and will be...
  12. 20181009_165022.jpg


    Cookies ready for harvest
  13. 20181009_103415.jpg


    Cookies trichomes close-up
  14. 20181009_164837.jpg


    Cookies ready for harvest.
  15. 20181004_094618.jpg


    Cookies: trichs still a little bit too clear.
  16. 20181004_094632.jpg


    Cookies: trichomes still a bit early.
  17. 20181004_094647.jpg


    Cookies: trichome evaluation.
  18. Dmanlee

    Autoflowers Topped & LST Training - Pineapple Kush & Express, Cheese, GSC

    Will upload photos tomorrow already about a week in but just figured out all the stuff on site and feel like it would be fun to share . Grow I just finished 3 Girl Scout autoflowers with a total yield of 175 grams for all 3 and that was my very first grow.. Current grow strains that I am...
  19. spintowin

    Spintowin's Coco GSC Auto Grow - 2018

    Girl Scout Cookies Auto FastBuds Seed Bank Predicted THC is 20%+ Greetings and salutations. This will be my very first grow journal and grow so why not share it with the 420magine community! Any advice, constructive criticism, or any general comments appreciated. My plans are to germinate...
  20. Troy01

    Troy's First Grow - Animal Cookies & Platinum OG Clones - DWC & Soil - 2017

    I’m relatively new to cultivation of weed. My only previous experience outdoor grow 25 years ago using bag seeds. I live in Northern California and this grow is for medical use under my Doctor’s referral. I generally don’t smoke weed but generally convert it to a tincture. What strain is...
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