girl scout cookies

  1. 20181009_165022.jpg


    Cookies ready for harvest
  2. 20181009_103415.jpg


    Cookies trichomes close-up
  3. 20181009_164837.jpg


    Cookies ready for harvest.
  4. 20181004_094618.jpg


    Cookies: trichs still a little bit too clear.
  5. 20181004_094632.jpg


    Cookies: trichomes still a bit early.
  6. 20181004_094647.jpg


    Cookies: trichome evaluation.

    The Girl Who Drank The Moon

  8. Dmanlee

    Autoflowers Topped & LST Training - Pineapple Kush & Express, Cheese, GSC

    Will upload photos tomorrow already about a week in but just figured out all the stuff on site and feel like it would be fun to share . Grow I just finished 3 Girl Scout autoflowers with a total yield of 175 grams for all 3 and that was my very first grow.. Current grow strains that I am...
  9. spintowin

    Spintowin's Coco GSC Auto Grow - 2018

    Girl Scout Cookies Auto FastBuds Seed Bank Predicted THC is 20%+ Greetings and salutations. This will be my very first grow journal and grow so why not share it with the 420magine community! Any advice, constructive criticism, or any general comments appreciated. My plans are to germinate...
  10. Troy01

    Troy's First Grow - Animal Cookies & Platinum OG Clones - DWC & Soil - 2017

    I’m relatively new to cultivation of weed. My only previous experience outdoor grow 25 years ago using bag seeds. I live in Northern California and this grow is for medical use under my Doctor’s referral. I generally don’t smoke weed but generally convert it to a tincture. What strain is...
  11. MikkaTheEnt

    Grow 7 - Girl Scout Cookies In Hydro

    Now that those blasted and deadly-to-growers Southern California heat waves are (hopefully) over, I'm starting another couple of grows, timed for a hopefully spectacular New Years harvest to start out 2018 with a bang. This particular grow, my seventh, is feminized Girl Scout Cookies from...
  12. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio's Cavalcade Of Horrors With Hempy, Genetics, Perpetual & Much Much More

    Well... as the saying goes, ya cant beat em, hunt em down, maim them, Burry em in the desert and leave em for the Scorpions. No.. Thats Not it As normal for me, I dive in head 1st, water in the pool???? who cares.. So I have 6 Fems going now in my small Veg Tent. After seeing all you Epic...
  13. T

    My First Grow! GSC Extreme - Need Input Please

    Okay, so this is going to be my first Grow/Forum. I've just purchased 5 GSC Extreme Seeds fem and would like to grow these babies into some tip top shelf buds (not cheap). I'm willing to spend a little bit of doe so i'm open to ideas. My plan was 5x 5 gallon pots with Fox Farm Happy Frog...
  14. Imagine420

    First Grow!- Humboldt Amherst Sour Diesel - Scrog - Advice Welcome!

    First time grower here! Seeds arrived from discreet seeds, very cheap, discreet and they arrived within 5 days. I was skeptical at first but after this i will recommend them to anyone looking to order some. Seeds: 1 Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower 1 Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Autoflower...
  15. G

    GL's 600 Watt - 3x3 - SuperLH - GSC - Pak Valley - LMNKSH - DeliCady - OG Kush - Grow

    Whats up ladies and gents, first time user part time grower here. I have been lurking and learning a lot and I thought it was finally time to show my ladies at their best:) The setup is as follows... 1.) 3x3 tent 2.) 600 Watt hps 3.) Six plants: - Green House Seeds: Super Lemon Haze...
  16. B

    Need Help with Girl Scout Cookies in Hydro!

    2nd-week-in-Flower-DWC-system Base-HG-nutrients, mollassas, Kool bloom cal mag soulgrow Girls-were looking lovely. at 950ppm & ph 6.5 Not sure if-from heat, or changing res. back to 750 ppm & 6.0 What can I do to fix, and correct?
  17. BluntMonkey

    Northern California Outdoor Breeding With Gorilla Cookies & Several Strains - Pics

    Greetings, Blunt Monkey here returning with some new genetics from the Jungles of the 707. I’ll be showing you the results of the seeds I’ve created while I’ve been away & the new ones I’ll be manifesting with you guys for the next season. Stick around, I may need your help! 707 Gorilla...
  18. 45thdegreeMP3

    Outdoor in Oregon - Greener Than You Think - 2016 - Multi-Strain

    After a few years of drooling over multiple threads on 420M, i've decided to give in &post some of my very own growing adventures. Endless knowledge is obtainable simply by seeing how others get along in relation to how you yourself are expressing your own personal touch.. &my friends, the...
  19. P

    Girl Scout Cookies LED Grow

    Hello 420magazine! This is my first grow journal and we are starting kind of late into the picture at 4 weeks into flowering. I'm running into some issues now and was hoping the community could lend a hand to a first time grower! Using Soil in a 5 Gallon pot and General Organics GO Box nutes...
  20. M

    Mr CatNaps' First Grow

    Hello Friends, I've been medicinally using cannabis to treat my ADHD since I was 16. Previously I was on different prescribed amphetamines. 8 Years later I am still in love and ready to start growing! I did a ton of research and decided to pick up all my stuff before making a post. I tend to...