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    Dutch Passion Glueberry OG auto

    This is my second grow with this strain, I created my own strain from the Dutch Passions female, I crossed it with a Danes Strain, "Blue Matic", first crossed plant was great smoke but only half the size, 1'-6" of its Glueberry OG mother,
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    Glueberry OG 7wk flower

    This flowering Glueberry is my first created strain :circle-of-love:, the female is Dutch Passion's, Glueberry OG and the male is a Danes Strain, Blue Matic, of the four branches I pollinate she produced boo-koo seeds. The plant is small it finished at 16" but its looking at 78 days from...
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    3 x Auto GlueBerry OG - Soil - LEDs

    Strain: 3 Auto GlueBerry O.G (Auto Flower Seed USA Special ) Breeder: Dutch Passion Batch number: uncertain. Internal paper packet is numbered "265638" (or " ...3B") Soil: Biobizz Light Mix Nutrients: Liquid "organic" from BioBizz and General Organics Containers: 14 / 11 / 7 Liters Lights...