grand daddy purple clones

  1. S

    Help With Cuttings In Clone Machine

    After numerous fails cloning w/ rockwool I've decided to build a cloning machine. It's my first time using a DIY aeroponic cloning machine so I don't know how the stem and new roots are suppose to look. There were signs of root growth after day 6 so I was expecting them to be ready for...
  2. HennessyBeach

    Kens GDP Clone, Soil, Indoor/Outdoor, First Grow

    Strain: Ken's GDP (clone) # of plants = 1 - 100% Indica - Vegetation Stage - Purchase and transferred to soil 7 days ago (March 3rd, 2012) - I put it outdoor in the sun for 7-8 hrs, then indoors under lights for another 10 hours (not sure if this is a problem?) Soil = Fox Farms Ocean Forest...
  3. Goldengoose7

    Grand Daddy Purple Clones Start To Finish!

    On Thursday, June 16th, 2011, I was fortunate enough to score THREE genuine GDP clones from the original source! Here are the first in a series of progress shots of the plants after I transplanted them into 6" Peat Pots. When the clones get about 12" tall, they along with these biodegradable...
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