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green crack fem

  1. Green Crack2.jpg

    Green Crack2.jpg

    Green Crack plant 3 weeks before harvest.
  2. Green Crack_week 6.jpg

    Green Crack_week 6.jpg

  3. Green Crack_Bud2.jpg

    Green Crack_Bud2.jpg

    GC buds after 5-6 weeks curing
  4. Green Crack Bud2.jpg

    Green Crack Bud2.jpg

    GC bud harvested but not trimmed..
  5. Green Crack Bud1_8_28_19.jpg

    Green Crack Bud1_8_28_19.jpg

    GC bud 3 days before harvest.
  6. Chappie

    Chapster's Adventure Into RDWC! Indoor 600W LED GC Scrog

    What strain is it? Green Crack from cks Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mainly indica 21.4% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 9 days If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? hydro/ rdwc What size pot? hydro, 8...
  7. 5BB9944E-C6A1-4811-A7D6-40AEEBBAFDC6.jpeg


  8. F122D443-E323-46DD-8D90-5384155A010A.jpeg


    Loretta CG. 5 weeks. I’m proud of her.
  9. magicfingers

    Green Crack - First Time Grow - Updates Daily - Advice Tips Etc Welcomed

    Hello! My name is Magic and I am an indoor grower from New England. I would love to share with you all my progress and keep a steady dedicated blog post to help others even! Ordered my seeds from the King and I'm super excited to say that 6/6 seeds germinated and I still have 6 left of the order...
  10. 20180320_114454.jpg


  11. 20180302_104004.jpg


  12. 20180302_103946.jpg


  13. 20180228_172546.jpg


  14. Day29feb28 Day 6 week 2 veg (2).JPG

    Day29feb28 Day 6 week 2 veg (2).JPG

    GC # 2
  15. Day29feb28 Day 6 week 2 veg (1).JPG

    Day29feb28 Day 6 week 2 veg (1).JPG

    GC # 1
  16. Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (1).JPG

    Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (1).JPG

    GC # 1
  17. Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (2).JPG

    Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (2).JPG

    GC # 2
  18. S

    My First Grow - I'm gonna have plenty of questions

    What up doe? This is gonna be my first grow so I didn't want to invest too much in the start up. I'm using 2 200 w Cfl 6400k for veg(I have a 3rd 200 w cfl but didn't know if I needed to use it)...I may add a few 23 w too. I'm using a 4x2x60 tent.. Don't plan on much heat so I'm just using a 6...
  19. N

    5 Train Wreck Auto - 5 Early Miss Auto - 3 Green Crack Fem

    Pro mix Earthworm castings 4-6-6 Alaska veg pellets Extra perlite Blood meal 3 gallon containers for autos Transplant cup-1 gal- 3 gal- 5 gal for green crack 1000w hps 4 ft umbrella reflector 2x 105w cfl 6500k 5000 btu window unit 12x10x6.5 grow room Need more light eventually but this is...
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