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  2. Ron Strider

    CO: Neighbors Object To Hemp Operation

    Richard and Linda Jensen are selling their commercial property, once used as a facility for processing tomatoes, to Jerame Rief, who intends to change the property to processing hemp and hemp oil, adding greenhouses and hoop houses for indoor nursery to start plants to be transplanted outdoors...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    Which Is Best For Cannabis A Dutch Or North American Greenhouse?

    High energy costs and declining cannabis prices have many cultivators thinking about moving their indoor grows into greenhouses. But once that decision is made, those cultivators must determine whether to buy a North American-made greenhouse or import one from the Netherlands, which has...
  4. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Is Marijuana Grown In Greenhouses Considered 'Outside'?

    Medford, Ore. — Medford officials are considering whether the city's ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation also applies to greenhouses. The Mail Tribune reports that the City Council on Thursday will hold a study session to discuss what constitutes a legitimate structure in the city and where...
  5. Z

    Tunnel Greenhosues & Commercial Gutter Greenhouses

    If you are a grower, which one would you like more, tunnel greenhouses or gutter greenhouses? Which is the most important point affect your purchase decision: assemble process, structure durability, land size, greenhouses prices, importing experience, shipping process, weather information or...
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