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  1. WalterGamer8

    24/0 or 18/6 for my first grow ?

    Hey! I planted my 4 seeds and for my first grow. When my plants get a little bit bigger should I go 24/0? I heard 24/0 makes plants grow a lot faster a makes them bushier which is exactly what I’m looking for. How much faster do they grow under 24/0 compared to 18/6? I am also using a 600w hps...
  2. WalterGamer8

    I need help with my lighting

    Originally I germinated 3 seeds just fine and planted them in solid and put them under my 600w hps light (big mistake) after a week they didn’t sprout at all and died, probably because of the light and me over watering. Today with my last 3 seeds I just planted them directly into solid and...
  3. S

    Better light?

    Hello I am going to be buying a new light in next few month or so and have been looking. I was wanting to know your guys take on these 2 lights; - Cree CXB 3590 LED COB Grow Light 120 Watts and - Mars Hydro TSW2000. My tent is 80cm x 80cm or 2.6' x 2.6'. I aim for best gram per watt, both...
  4. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro TSL-2000 Combo Sale, 2 Lights for 300USD

    Hey growers! Mars Hydro here again! :green_heart: Today, I would like to introduce our new promotion: :yahoo: In order to celebrate our countries' 70s anniversary, it is big in China, we are holding a promotion here. :) Thank you all for the long time trust and support, so that Mars Hydro can...
  5. 20190912_113710.jpg


    Viparspectra Reflector series 1200W LED and AC Infinity Cloudline T6 6" exhaust fan
  6. H

    Need Help With LED's

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading this! I've got a small space of 2x2 ft = 4 sq.ft, and I have a doubt regarding the lighting. I've read in multiple threads that 30-40watts per sq.ft should be adequate, and i'd love it if some of you could confirm that? for example if i'm considering...
  7. T

    SunPlusLED Q&A Forum

    Hello and thank you for visiting the SunPlusLED Q/A Forum. SunPlus is a new sponsor here on 420 Magazine and we want to be sure all your questions are answered to the best of our ability. SunPlus lamps have been popular in Europe for several years and we now have the ability to sell them in...
  8. Camronald

    Too many Watts?

    I was wondering if you guys know whether using two, 1200w lights would be too much inside a 3x3x6(LxWxH), 1600D tent? If not would using five Meihzi 300W lights be better? Or what would you guys and gals suggest?
  9. Blew Hiller

    Best value indoor light just for starting seedlings - Advice please!

    I just germinated/planted two (2) seeds and was looking for an inexpensive supplemental light (they are on the south window now) to carry me through March. I plan on growing in our greenhouse Spring/Summer but not sure the weather will break in time without temps dropping below 60F. Thanks...
  10. L

    ETL Certified Lumini LED Grow Lights

    Good news! Lumini LED grow lights have passed ETL test, now 4 models are ETL listed, ETL label is a proof of our lights compliance to North American safty standards! 1. 400w LuminiGrow 450R2 with evenly-distributed illumination, wifi controllable http://www.luminigrow.com/luminigrow450r1/...
  11. Jaymangrows

    LED grow light question

    Hey! I'm currently using a 250w HPS dual spectrum light. I'm using it in a very small tent; 60 x 60 x 140cm, with only two plants inside. I've been looking into LED's lately and i think that i've decided on my next grow i'm going to make the change however i've come across something that i...
  12. L


    Just wanted to say hello to you guys. Currently, trying to grow some weed in Colorado as a hobby :) I am currently shopping around for grow lights. My purchasing theory has always been pay more for a great product versus buying cheap goods and replacing them. That being said, I also...
  13. L

    Bonus From LuminiGrow 400w LuminiGrow 450R1 Giveaway! Smart Control Programmable LED

    Hello everyone, As a new member here in 420 Magazine, most of you may be unfamilar with us, LuminiGrow brand^_^. However, we have been in LED filed for more than 5 years, and our light have benn sold to all arround the world. I never doubt you guys do better in growing,:thumb: but we may know...
  14. L

    Lumini Wifi Programmable LED Grow Lights - Nice To Meet You Guys Here!

    Hello there all! Great honour to become a sponsor for 420 Magazine! Please allow me to introduce LuminiGrow to you first, Lumini Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of led grow lights, we have more than 5 years experience in LED field. We're hoping to learn from professional...
  15. L

    Hello from LuminiGrow

    Hello guys, glad to become sponsor of 420 Magazine, hope we, Lumini Grow can supply you advices regarding led grow lights, and hope to learn from professional growers here.^_^:circle-of-love:
  16. J

    Vivosun - Have one? I'm ordering

    So I searched the forums and didn't find anything on the (economical) VIVOSUN VIVOSUN Hydroponic 400 Watt Grow Light Digital Dimmable Ballast HPS MH System I found it on Amazon and it has pretty good reviews. IT also comes with two bulbs: VIVOSUN 400w HPS bulb, 400w MH bulb. I'm wondering, I...
  17. T

    Looking For Growers For New LED Grow Light With 5W Chip & Lens

    Hey guys, Here is another NEWEST lamp for your guys, the GS 300 300W LED Grow light and GS 600 600w LED Grow light. they are made of 5w and 90 Degree secondary lens. :circle-of-love: Pictures and data of them here below, We are looking for growers for them via this game, here is the Rule...
  18. O

    Need Help - growing lights for a few plants indoors

    Hi First of all I thank you for reading this. I had my first grow about 10 months ago , those were a few plants i had on a pot in my balcony (outdoor actually) and I had the seeds from my bud (bag seeds). They actually turned out so good, much more than what I was expecting. Now in the winter...
  19. GreenH0rn

    Need Help wuth LED Grow light

    Hello everyone My first grow was successful and thats why i decided to move into a little bigger league. I want to make an LED grow light panel 35cmx35cm and i need your professional opinion and help on how to make one, what things do i need.. How many led lights..... lumens.... blue and red...
  20. L

    Lush LED Lighting grows amazing plants! Pics and videos!

    Lush Lighting LED panels are replacing HID lamps for horticulturist from coast to coast. Reducing heat along with electrical demands allow for serious growers to increase the amount of light they provide for their plants. Our newest and largest unit, the Dominator 2xXL is able to proved your...
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