grow room biuld helpo

  1. covertnegrow

    Looking at AdvancedLED Lights - Need Some Help

    Hello growers, I am setting up my grow room and am planning on using a 4' x 4' area for the actual growing...the room will be open a total room size of 4' x 8'. I am trying to figure out the best setup for my grow area..i am for sure going with Advance LED lights..the diamond...
  2. M

    another 1st time grower with a ton of questions

    I have just started a grow room with a total of 30 seedlings going thus far. I am not growing in a box or a closet I have actually taken over a 12x12 bedroom. So far in the room we have a total of 18 gro-lux incandecent lights. My husband decided that a 1000w construction light thingy would work...
  3. Q

    1200w grow room Design help

    So some friends of mine are considering starting their own grow after seeing mine start up. The usable space is basically unlimited, but the reality is that at the end of the month bills must be paid, and buying a big room upfront isn't cheap. So, more realistically, I'm thinking a 4'6"x8'6"...
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