grow space

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    Maximizing quality and quantity in this space

    Working with a 800 x 400 x 1800 approx (2.5ftx1.5ftx6ft) grow space looking to squeeze in 6 AUTOS hopefully using LST AND SOG ??? Anyway I have a 4 inch carbon filter Outlet Where should I position outlet on roof of cabinet or side Wall near roof ? As for intake I was told that enough...
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    first grow- flowering space problem

    I am 4 weeks into flowering and my plants have reached the top of my small grow space up to this point in flowering. 3x3x3 space with 150W HPS bulb. I have recently created a new flowering space that is 6'hX5'wX3'd and a 600w HPS bulb. My question is will this environment change hurt my plants...
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