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    8 or 16 COBs LED enough for 8x4 tent?

    Hey 420Magazine Users, I'm seeking for an answer from some experienced mates with COB LED Growlights. The thing is I'm going to grow in a 8 x 4 Tent (240cm X 120cm) and I'm not quite sure if my selfmade COB LED setup would be enough for this perticular space. Are 8 "CXB3070" at 1400 mA...
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    LiquidJade Grow Room Start to Finish

    Whats up everyone!! I was posting on the main site and i had to make a forms posting because there will be alot of questions and i will be tossing out alot of info for people if they want it. So here we go with the start! Are you excited? because i am. Im still pretty new to the growing...
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