1. T

    Thawk's Multi Strain 2L Hempy SOG

    Hey guys, This is going to be my third Grow at 420 magazine my other two didn't fully get documented and they didn't quite go as planned however with Corey's help at blue planet nutrients and 420fieds SOG as a template, I believe that this one will go far better. I'm going to post all of the...
  2. Twelve12

    Twelve12's Perpetual Grow

    Hi guys! Welcome to my 5th grow! For this batch I have 7 strains; 1024, Hammerhead, Vanilla Kush, Pineapple Express, Pineapple Chunk, Cheese, and Grapefruit Diesel. All feminized except Grapefruit Diesel. If I get a male from it I'll start the breeding experiments with all the strain I...
  3. T

    Thawk's 2nd All LED Soil Grow Hammerhead - Agent Orange - Big Buddha - Blue Cheese

    Well this was going to be more fun to write until I wrote it the fist time and it took behalf an hour and my damn Ipad switched screens and erased it all... But here we go again. Alright guys for those of you that don't know last grow I was doing a couple good solid strains and it was my...
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