1. Harlequin


    Harlequin one week before harvest. Intense purple coloring, amazing aroma!
  2. GSC (left) & Harlequin (right)

    GSC (left) & Harlequin (right)

    Indoor grow, one week before harvest
  3. Harlequin.jpg


    harlequin grown by icemud
  4. mouser

    Mouser's 2018 Grow: Harlequin x Kosher Kush Reg Seeds

    Welcome everyone to my first attempt at building my own strain. I wish I had the room to run 100 of these seeds, but we will have to make do with ~20 for the first run... I have plenty more, so if nothing good comes from these we can always have another grow. This batch here will be my last...
  5. F

    Pink Harlequin

    Has anyone heard of this strain? Apparently its an experimental medicinal strain, Pink Kush x Harlequin. With moderate THC levels and a high a CBD ratio (5:1) thats what i heard. I searched and couldnt find any more info about this strain and or pics of it. So , is this a legit strain?
  6. Icemud

    Icemud's 8.0 LED/V-Scrog Blk Chry Cola, Harlequin, Purple Dragon, GDP,Green Candy OG

    Hey everyone, Im back with a new journal with some new cuts that I am running. Lets start this off official with the introduction to the grow. What strain is it? Black Cherry Cola: not exactly sure what the genetics are but found this on one website "Airborne G13 X Ortega x C99 x Blackberry...
  7. runewulfsong

    RuneWulfSong's Summer/Autumn Multi-Strain Grow

    Hey all, it was time to reboot the journal since the strains going now don't match the old one and the setup has evolved and will continue to do so. What strain is it? Several, I have Dynasty, Mystery Machine, Lemon Kush, Sleeskunk mutants, Mazar x White Rhino, Sour Kush x Kiwi, AK47 x UK...
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