1. Jackalope

    Laveder x Da Purps - Couch potato for the head

    I have never had a chance to try either of the parents of this strain. Not sure where this incredible high came from. I've tried a lot and have never came across this kind of head high. Headband is one of my all time favorites because of the high. This cross has that same hit you behind the...
  2. D

    What kind of lighting do I need

    Hi Guys, newby here, I'm setting up a 1m x2m x1.8 tent I will be having 6 plants in it and not sure what type of lighting to go for, I've read that much about lighting that my head is spinning. I'd prefer to use something that is economical if possible but will go with your recommendations...
  3. Gazoo

    DIY Build: Under Leaf Extended Foliar Spray Attachment

    BUILD INSTURCTIONS Under Leaf Foliar Sprayer I wanted to make sure this was repeatable so I BUILT another one, Works better than the First :thumb: I also included Some improvements ITEMS NEEDED 1. Spray Bottle from Orchard Supply, just saw same one @ DALES 2.99 (this specific...
  4. Mistercpp

    Greetings Everyone

    Great forum and so much info my head is spinning. :thumb:
  5. Katelyn Baker

    The Weed Country Road Trip

    Should voters legalize recreational marijuana this November, California's so-called Emerald Triangle - Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties - stands to become a luxury destination for weed lovers, the Napa Valley of pot. So this could be your last chance to experience the region's raw...
  6. M

    Head stone?

    Hey! Is this term real? Thing is I know sativa gives us the head high but I am not talking about the clear or energetic high but that feeling when you feel your face melting and your brain doesn't function anymore. Is that head stone or just some better sativa ? Am I making sense? :))
  7. W

    Cold climate seeds - Help

    Hey guys, I live in a cold climate and wondering what is are good head high, cold climate seeds? Thanks a dude from near Antarctica.
  8. R

    IL: First Month Of Medical Marijuana Business Good For Springfield And Patients

    "I crashed this motorcycle with no helmet on. Severe head trauma," recalls Herb, a medical marijuana patient. Speaking on a first name basis, for concern of someone coming after his prescription marijuana, he told WAND News how medicinal marijuana has impacted his life. Herb was 27 years-old...
  9. Nicholas Flamel

    Goldmine - Heavyweight Seeds

    I only grew one Goldmine but it was a great plant. Fast growing right out of the gate and was almost double the size of another strain. I topped the plant two times and ended up with 5 main colas. I had no issues, very easy to grow. Smoke report. The buds are fat, dense and frosty, the...
  10. Jacob Redmond

    Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor - Herbies Head Shop

    Please join us in thanking Herbies Head Shop for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the cannabis plant and interact with...
  11. L

    Dead Head

    Here are some pics of the Dead Head strain I'm currently growing. I'll be posting more pics in the weeks to come :)
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