1. Trichome Vision

    Trichome Vision

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
  2. D

    707 Headband By HSO

    Strain: 707 Headband From: Humbolt seed Organisation Price £45 for 5 Feminised seeds Type: Sativa Dominant Appearance: Mid to light green, fairly dense with yellow and orange pistils, matured and filled out nicely with 8.5 weeks of flowering during a mild end to summer hence no real...
  3. Jackalope

    Headband effect

    What makes a strain famous? The High! No matter how strong a strain tests its the high that people will notice. The strain Headband says it all. That headband high is so easy to notice. This hybrid carries it well to the majority of its plants....... This headband effect is noticeable in a few...
  4. Jackalope

    Room grow

    Here is the room and its major players room Motown Tangie Headband Wreakage
  5. Jackalope

    Tent grow

    Class pictures today. Here are a couple of the tents finest. Tent Putins Crack Purple Betty Headband
  6. S

    Abandoned DC Living Grow #2 - A Few Strains Flowering

    I hope I'm posting this correctly this is my first online grow journal attempt? I'm half way through flower allow me to update you all on my current grow. How do I post pictures. Soil: peat moss/humus and organic amendments Nutrients: earth juice Light veged under cfls and 300 led Flwr 1k...
  7. B

    Looking for Headband seeds

    Im new signing up today....I have ordered from Crop Kings in Canada but they don't carry my favorite strain. Headband. Can someone recommend a place I can mail order some seeds. A reputable place.
  8. AllSmiles

    Completed AllSmiles - 2016 - Indoor - LED - Grow V

    Hello friends and welcome to my 2016 grow journal. Though it has been a very nice break from growing I've missed it so much. Good thing there is this great community of people here at 420 Mag sharing their grows that helped fill the void. So what strains do I have lined up. Over the last 2...
  9. V

    Completed First Time Grow - Headband & Blue Dream

    Hello, First time ever growing and trying Headband and Bluedream so it looks like the guy at the hydro shop sold me Giagreen Living soil and I planted straight into it. I went back and bought some soil from the next guy and told him I planted straight into that and he caught me up to speed real...
  10. K

    Abandoned Kushed's 1st Closet Grow - DWC - 400W - 818 HB - Bubba Kush - Crit + Seeds

    This is my first grow. It's totally legal in my state and I'm staying within my limits. 6 plants. I can technically grow 12 but I don't have a big enough room set up. I'm I'm a closet. I chose DWC because I feel very comfortable working with a system of mostly H2O. I got a blue lab combo meter...
  11. T

    Hello All Young green thumb from MI here.

    Hello my fellow green thumbs. Im kinda new to this whole world here but i think im getting the hang of it lol. Anyhow everyone here seems nice so far and with lots of knowlage and im kinda diggin this site. Curious is there anyone else here from MICH? if so drop me a line.
  12. T

    Completed Tommygreens Hydro Ebb n Gro - White Rhino - Purps & Headband 2013

    Hello Friends, I'm kinda new here and have been lookin around at all the journals and have to say that i think this site is great. Everyone here has the knowlage and people here are nice enough to offer advice anyhow here is my set up. I'm currently running eight ladys in flower i have...
  13. I

    Abandoned 6 Headband Seedlings

    So i just finished with the germination of 6 headband seeds. A few (3) were very promising looking with the little roots developing very nicely, the other 3 look ok too i guess. i have put them in red solo cups( with fox farms OF) , since i don't have anything else. Watered them lightly with...
  14. B

    Anyone testing brix levels?

    I've been testing the brix of my fruit and vegetables I eat for a while now. High brix food is so much better than low or average brix. Taste and nutritional value dont even compare. If you can get a plants brix above 12%, the plant develops natural immunities to pests and disease. A high...
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