1. cherryhaze


    I realised I have not introduced myself properly here, despite already starting a grow journal here. I am splitting myself between here and another similar site which I hope is OK! I am a first time grower, growing 4 plants in hydro, Jack Diesel which are sativa dominant, which is my...
  2. cherryhaze

    Completed 1st Time Grow Jack Diesel Sativa Indoor CCOB w LST Hydro

    This is my first grow and I am taking the grow journal posts I have made on Roll it Up and bringing them here. Hope this is OK! This is a Jack Diesel Sativa, grown from seed and in a Wilma Big 4 Dripper system, hydro, 4 plants, in pebbles. I am using Hesi Hydro Grow Schedule and products...
  3. Y

    Bloom Booster with HESI soil kit

    hi everyone. i am first time grower. i have 7 plants at the 10th day of flowering period. i have a 600w hps bulb. im using HESI soil kit. do i need to use any bloom boosters beside hesi nut kit? kit includes hesi bloom complex currently am using. thanks for any advice. peace.
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