high pressure sodium

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    Pre-build Questions

    1st time grower, however i have spent a good 4/5 years in horticulture and smoked for a lot longer than that ;) but here goes...Ok. so i got a good deal on a starting grow kit, 125W blue cfl/200W red cfl/250W HPS with ballast, carbon filter/tubing/chemicals/coco soil/ph testers all the little...
  2. W

    HPS bulbs - new sortiment

    We now have more brands of HPS bulbs available at WebHydro.com! Call us for quantity discounts :D FloraSun 400 Watt HPS Bulb Description: FloraSun HPS Bulbs - 400W * Horticultural lamp specially designed for abundant blooming * Long lasting life * Compatible with digital ballasts These high...
  3. carp

    Abandoned Indoor Grow Room (Strawberry Cough x AK-47 , Romulan , Lambsbread , Kush)

    Hi hows it goin. this is my first time usin the site. I like the grow journal idea. This is my first time were i grow plants were i dont have to give them away or doin it only for a few weeks. I have a few 15 clones growing and 2 from seeds Clones: 8 Lambsbread 4 Strawberry Cough x...
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    First Clowet Grow Lighting Questions

    I am about to begin my first indoor closet grow which i have researcher pretty thouroughly. I am setting up a room for the grow cycle in a 4x2 space, and the flowering cycle in two 4x2 spaces. I am planning on growing six plants at a time, but am not sure on what wattage of lights to use. My...
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