1. S

    Q: Maximing yield with my new setup?

    Hi everyone, after growing in a very small area without air circulation and using 250hps with overheat, soil.. blah.. I finally got my new setup 1x1x2 Homebox and an AC unit (power saving & strong). Including Rev-Osmosis, 1x 600w Hps and good air circulation stuff, hydroponic- Coco. I...
  2. R

    Homebox mini (30x30x60 cm), DIY LED panel 54W, active intake/outtake + DIY carbon fil

    Growbox photos + webcam picture and chart with DHT-22 sensor data Grow tent - Homebox mini (30x30x60 cm) DIY LED panel (54 х 1W): 730 nm - 3 660 nm - 22 625 nm - 10 warm white(2700 K) - 5 cold white(6500 K) - 4 440-450 nm - 6 410-420 nm - 4 Outtake (120x120x38) Intake (2 - 80x80x25) Air...
  3. Jesstah

    Old Newbie

    Hi All, Just introducing myself to the site. Im a long long time smoker thats finally starting to grow. I am currently trying to pass time as i am waiting for the courier to deliver my new grow package. Im getting an XL Homebox and all the bits and pieces to go along with it including a 600w...
  4. S

    Homebox grow?

    Has anyone flowered there plants in a Homebox? How was it.
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