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  1. Ron Strider

    CO: Marijuana Doomsday Didn't Come

    It's been a little more than five years since Colorado's voters approved Constitutional Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana in the state. Sales commenced four years ago this January. Although the amendment passed by a comfortable 10-point margin, the debate in Colorado has...
  2. Ron Strider

    CO: Pot's Connection To Homelessness Still Unclear, Experts Tell City Council

    Legal cannabis and homelessness are two hot-button issues in Denver, and the two came to a head on Monday, December 11, during a Marijuana Committee meeting of Denver City Council. At that meeting, several representatives of Colorado homeless-service providers and experts from research...
  3. K

    Can Seattle Use Pot Taxes To Help the Homeless?

    After two years of legal cannabis sales, Washington State has collected $230,063,875 in marijuana excise taxes, according to 502data.com. This exceeds projections by quite a bit - nearly twice as much, or $34 million, in the first year of sales alone. In Aurora, Colorado, officials decided to...