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  1. Man'O'Green

    Completed Auto Night Queen & Blue Dream Auto

    Here we grow again: 3 Dutch Passion's Auto Night Queen & 3 Humboldt Seed Organization's Blue Dream Auto with House & Garden nutrients in a GroDan rockwool Hugo block grow with precision drip irrigation. I have 14 DIY Citizen 1212 3500K 90 cri cobs and two Roleadro LED fixtures for a total of...
  2. Man'O'Green

    Completed The Incredible Bulk Adventure

    My next grow will be Dr Krippling's " The Incredible Bulk" photoperiod strain. I have some changes to accomplish in my grow space to get started. I am going to rockwool blocks so I needed a flood tray and drip irrigation setup; I completed that today. I have 6 more COB Leds to add to the...
  3. Growgurl

    Abandoned My First Amare SE450 LED Grow: AK47 Xtrm & Super Skunk

    Greetings from Australia! This is my first ever indoor grow using 2 x Amare SE450 LED's. (They have changed the name to SE350 now. Not sure why but still the same LED). Victor from Amare has been amazing in getting me going with theses lights and is always on hand to offer advice or answer...
  4. Smokin Ace

    Abandoned Smokin' Ace's Blue Cheese Indoor Soil- '10

    Hello everyone and welcome! :yahoo: This is my first journal and want to say input is always welcome. This isn't my first grow, but it is my first grow with multiple plants, excluding my hydro apprenticeship. Let's get started, shall we? What strain is it? Blue Cheese x5 Is it in Veg...
  5. N

    Completed 2 600's, Ebb & Gro, WW_Violator Kush_PPP

    Thanks for looking in! This will be my first serious attempt at growing. I don't know anyone in real life that grows so I'm pretty much trying to learn from books and the internet. I'm sure I'll make my share of mistakes and I hope you guys will chime in if you can offer any advice or...
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