1. TheMadDabber

    Dabber's DIY Vape Pens

    Hello friends and 420 family! I'm back. Some of you know me most of you may not. Very brief introduction... I am Kyle AKA the mad dabber, dabs ,dabber or even mad dabs. I've been here off an on a while. I found 420 when we moved to Alaska . I was a stay a home dad looking to save money on...
  2. N

    Simple Hydroponics Reference - Capn Style!

    Howdy, I've been lurking for a while and trying to learn myself ready for my first legal grow (God Bless Oregon! :blunt:) I found TheCapn's threads to be super helpful and incredibly informative. I am currently prepping my room for a Top Feed to Waste/Recirculating system as detailed in his...
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