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hydoponic systems

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    Aurora Indica 600W LED

    Hey guys :) that’s my first and wondering doing right. Aurora indica (nirvana original) 600W full spectrum but Aliexpress (i bought viparspecrta 450W par but not get yet) 60x60x190cm (dark room II) tent Rez : 58x45x30 cm 78lt (ikea klamtare) Eheim air pomp 2 ext circulation motor for tap...
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    First grow - DWC - Root rot

    Hello Everyone! I am a first time grower. I just bought a grow box and bought some clones. I made some initial mistakes. Used the rockwool cubes (the clones came in this) as the only growing medium Overwatered the cubes. The cubes were half submerged in water. Let light hit the cubes...
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    Yield Machine Max 4 Foot UFO Grow Box 180 Watt LED - Review - Stealth Grow Box

    The Yield Machine Max is a great grow box for beginner growers who don’t want to deal with building their own box. It was super easy to set up. It came with everything I needed to get started with growing. This eliminated all the time waiting for things to ship and searching for all the little...
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    ebb and gro water overflow

    Whats up ya'all! I recently started an Ebb and Gro 12 module system (using the 55 gallon res and control bucket) I continue to have water to leak between the solid bucket and the bucket with the holes. It only leaks between the buckets... At the point where the top bucket sit. What I...