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Whats up ya'all!

I recently started an Ebb and Gro 12 module system (using the 55 gallon res and control bucket)

I continue to have water to leak between the solid bucket and the bucket with the holes. It only leaks between the buckets... At the point where the top bucket sit.

What I have already done:
1)complete leveling of system (buckets and controller bucket same plane and level)
2) Controller bucket below module buckets (2 trials 1/2 and 1/4" below the module plane)
3) controller bucket above module buckets.

Any suggestions.
Hey skydiver, Welcome to 420Mag!

Sounds to me like you have toooo much water in the buckets which means you need to lower the control bucket several inches and/or raise the grow buckets. I am not sure if you can just lower the float level in the control bucket. But since they are overflowing, I would think you need it atleast 8-10" lower?

Good Luck!
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