1. Temp and humidity

    Temp and humidity

    Getting too humid
  2. 4 zone hygrometer

    4 zone hygrometer

    4 zone hygrometer
  3. CannaTech3D

    CannaTech3D Grow Tent Accessories! Fan Clamp Mounts & Shelves & More!

    Hello 420 FAM! Use coupon CANNATECH10 in our Amazon store to get 10% off your order! We have plenty of FBA stock and will be fulfilled by Prime delivery. We Ship FBA (Fullfilled by Amazon) to USA, Canada, and Mexico...
  4. 914u3t40xuL._AC_SX960_SY720_.jpg


    Grow tent corner shelf designed for grow tents. Made in the USA! Easily display your hygrometer or webcam to keep an eye on those temperatures or plants! Sizes: 16mm 19mm 22mm https://www.amazon.com/Management-Organizer-Assortment-Accessories-Varying/dp/B09QLMFRJP?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  5. Angel413

    Hygro thermometer set up help!

    Do I place my thermometer inside or outside my grow tent? And shield I press the button that say in/out ?
  6. MickFoster


    I am looking for a hygrometer that is accurate, reasonably priced, can fit in a quart mason jar, and can be calibrated. I don't care if it's digital or analog. Manufacturer suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. C

    Curing using a Hygrometer and jar

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried or is currently using this curing method? I'm currently trying it.. and was just wondering if anyone had any input on the method. If your wondering what I'm talking about, I have posted the method below: HYGROMETER CURING First we will break it down...
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