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    Saving from damping off with Hygrozyme
  2. wearefarmers77

    Best way to remove slime root rot from plants

    first time grower im using two diff cleansers 1 hygrozyme and also sm90 to do a little experiment to see any progress. i put sm90 in 3 buckets followed with hygrozyme. and in 7 of them that arnt as slimy just hygrozyme. no nutrients inside the 5 gallon buckets just water ph 5.8 doing a flush. im...
  3. A

    Cannazym or hygrozyme?

    Medium: Foxfarm OF Size: clones (Transplanted 6days ago) No signs of bad roots but was looking into enzymes to help these clones off to a running start alongside the superthrive I'm feeding them. So, cannazym or hygrozyme? Anyone who has experience with both products are very welcome...
  4. o2much4me

    Expensive Enzymes Alternatives Cannazyme, Hygrozyme etc

    Looking for a less expensive alternative to Cannazyme. Here are some I have found. Anyone tried any of these? UltraClear® Super Strength Treatment (SST) Gallon (100% Live bacteria) UltraClear(R) Super Strength Treatment (SST) Gallon The Pond Digger Brand Beneficial Bacteria...
  5. E

    Growing Organic in Non-Organic Soil

    i've been looking into growing organic and was wondering if i could make the switch using the soil i have, which has been used on only one non-organic harvest. i'm worried that because i was using hygrozyme that it would make it hard to bring in beneficial bacteria and fungi. any thoughts? i'm...
  6. B

    Pythium held in plastics?

    Yes all, whagwarn? Just one go pick your brains fi a minute.... Someone I know is new to all of this indoor business so dem av a 'few' buckets and it seem dat dem keeps killing off the plant inserted, the roots go brown n it wilt n dun in space a 12 hour.. Even once isolate it still dun off...
  7. o2much4me

    Powder Mold during curing & drying -innovative alternatives & experiments

    This thread is for innovative alternatives & experiments. Reading on another forum that a lot on the problem people have with Powder Mold at all stages of the cycle. Of course it is best to prevent this environmentally but it seems to be a big problem & usually removed from a curing bud by...
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