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  1. E

    My First Grow - Indoor - Soil - CFL - Bag Seed

    Hello dear 420 mag members! This is my very first ever grow, so bear with me coz I'm excited as u can understand:thumb: So I've been reading ALOT here, completed and in-progress journals, wanna thank some journal owners that inspired me and made me understand and learn lots of new things...
  2. F

    Leaves wilting and plants dying

    Hi, I am growing autoflowering Northern Lights plants (from 00 seeds) indoors, and after 3 weeks with no problems at all, the leaves are starting wilting. They look like burnt, although I am sure that they are far enough from the 250W MH lamp I use. I rule out a pest because I am very careful...
  3. pizzajedi

    Pizzajedi's First Grow - Soil - Indoor - Blue Cheese

    howdy folks. ive been lurking on this site for some time now sucking up knowledge like those brain bugs from starship troopers, and decided to finally make the plunge and start growing. this is my first time, and im kinda piss poor at the moment, but hey, im a go-getter, and as a swift kick in...
  4. MarysGarden

    CFL Indoor soil week 3 Flower - first attempt

    This is my first attempt. Indoor soil. CFLs. The lights reflecting off the plants make them look a little yellow/faded but they are in fact healthy green. Any advice or thoughts on my First grow? I'm 3 weeks into flower cycle
  5. Tinknocker711

    First time indoor grow Nutrient problem or is it a ph problem

    Im new here so bear with me as I posted this before but I guess in the wrong place. I am an avid outdoor grower in the northeast with much success so I figured Id try my hand at the indoor world I am growing 5- lemon Skunk, 1 great white shark, 1 cheese, 1 white rhino and 1 super silver...
  6. B

    First Grow Indoor Soil 999 OG Grow Journal 2012

    Strain: 999 Og :indica Lights: cfl Air cooled pest: none Pot size: small Fox farm soil Nutes: none yet # of plants: 1
  7. F

    Filthy Biker's Easy Ryder Closet Grow

    This will be my first indoor grow from start to finish. Because of my unusual work schedule now, 63 days at home followed by 63 days out of the country I was very excited about the auto flowering strains and quick finishers such as this, my latest crop of Easy Rider/AK47. I am very pleased with...
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