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  1. CoralineJones

    Favorable genetic mutations in marijuana plants

    hi all long time lurker, first time poster, just wondering if anyone would be interested in crossbreeding diff mutations n see what happens currently growing a mutant which had a single fan leaf under every branch n looking for any other mutations that people may be interested in sharing...
  2. Ron Strider

    State Crime Commission Asks For Feedback On Study Of Marijuana Decriminalization

    Virginia's State Crime Commission is currently studying decriminalizing simple possession of marijuana. Now, the commission is asking for feedback for anyone interested. Staff on the commission is meeting with stakeholders and people interested in the topic, but say they won't be able to talk...
  3. M

    New member

    I am new here and I love to share some useful information with all of you. Since I am majoring in biotechnology, so I am very interested in protein label-free quantification, which is now the main project for our lab team.
  4. OttawaGreen

    Which autoflower strains recommended for outdoor Canadian grow?

    I have some friends who want to do two outdoor crop this year so they can do an early harvest with AutoS and a late harvest with photos. What autos do you guys recommend for outdoor growing here in Canada? Very interested in dark devil auto as it is quite the beautiful plant that everyone seems...
  5. PattyG93

    Anyone with Crown Royal pics?

    Im thinking about doing a cr grow Next just wondering if anyone has any tips or pics about this strain. Im also interested if it would be a good plant to scrog:thanks:
  6. Y

    Need help with a strain to treat meningiomas

    My wife was diagnosed with an inoperable meningioma, benign brain tumor, 2 years ago. We went through the whole lot of tests followed by radiation, with little to no success. Tumor is "stable", hasn't shrunk, nor grown. The tumor is rather large and has invaded the base of the skull and...
  7. HashGirl

    Burlington Ontario Man Misses Flight Over Medical Marijuana Mishap

    Thought people here might be interested in this: http://www.thespec.com/news-story/6208620-burlington-man-misses-flight-over-medical-marijuana-mishap/
  8. F

    Cree DIY COB LED? Why do people use white lights?

    Ever since I started with my two MarsHydro 300W grow lights (which I am very pleased with) I got very interested in that entire grow light/LED technology. Spectrums, LED ratios, different types of LEDs, the usual. I am getting increasingly interested in DIY and I came across several threads on...