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    Gonna call it Trippi Double Dragon

    So this is an update on the "seedling topped itself" and "the seedling that topped itself has one side triploid?"....as it has gotten used to being back ouside it is really starting to do its thing...it took a few lst sessions to get the short side to catch up..but now it has caught up and im...
  2. D

    Seedling topped itself

    Whats up fam! So i started a random strain seed and i had it outdoors for about 2 weeks..now it is inside under a led to make sure it gets propper light because i really want to see what it does..this is just an experiment grow to test the led and soil..i think the nutes in the soil stunted it...
  3. J

    Roots sprouting balls on the surface of soil

    What is spourting near the stem of the cannabis. I think the plants was not getting light so it tried to save itself. Im not sure. Maybe the seeds had 5 babys. Don't mind the soil.
  4. S

    seedling topped itself

    Just curious if this is common, this seedling topped itself and now it has 5 tops that i can see im not complaining haha just wondering.:thumb: