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    Celia Jr's - Soil - Jack The Ripper - TGA - Grow Journal

    Hello everyone! This is my very first grow journal but certainly not my first grow! This is only my second go round after long hiatus and am currently working on a budget so I welcome any feedback and advice anyone may have! I germinated some Jack The Ripper seeds from TGA Genetics (This is...
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    Xlr8's Hydroponic Adventures & Photos From The Garden - 2012

    High Everyone. :welcome: As I mentioned in my previous journal, I am not really wanting to keep a traditional journal right now, but I do want to have a place to share thoughts, experiences, and pictures related to my ongoing grow efforts. Having said that, this probably won't be...
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    Strawberry cough - Aeroponic Grow 2

    Howdy folks, This is my second grow in an inexpensive aeroponics system I put together in my phonebooth style shower. It fits perfectly. Anyway I am attempting my second grow, it's really my first official attempt since the first one was very experimental and I stress the mental! It's been an...
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