All right, so they aren't all space themed, but the first three have something to do with space!

So, strain information from the interwebs as follows:

Romulan- 75/25% Indica/Sativa
-THC 19-24%
-Unknown lineage (maybe White Rhino x Indica)
-50-60 day flowering, September harvest
-Scent- Sweet, spice, pine
Skywalker OG- 80/20% Indica/Sativa
- THC 20-26%
- Skywalker (Blueberry x Mazar) x OG Kush
-50-65 days flowering, no estimate given for outdoor harvest
-Scent- Diesel, lemon, pine, earthy
Jack the Ripper- 30/70% Indica/Sativa
- THC 17-20%
- Jack's Cleaner x Space Queen
- 55-65 days flowering, late September/early October harvest
- Scent- Sour, lemon, citrus
DV- Not much reliable info on this one

Medium- Soil, Promix Organic Vegetable & Herb for the three in pots, one will be transplanted into the ground
Pots- Fabric, 7 gallon final size
Lights- Will be started under t5 seedling lights, moved under a 100w QB style board, then the sun
Nutes- MC
Environment- Whatever Southern Ontario throws at me

This grow has a mix of seeds from @Weed Seeds Express @Herbies Seeds and a non-sponsor seedbank. I am planning to get them started under my t5 lights, and moving them into the tent when my current indoor grow is done. They should be transplanted outdoors sometime between the 15th and 25th of May, depending on the forecast.

The first three strains listed are all new to me as far as growing goes, and I will be using a mix of carhooks and dowels to octoline them.

I am planning to top the plants around the 4th or 5th node, and to spread out the side branches with the carhooks, and then to use dowels on the top two nodes to spread out the branches using coated gardening wire, while continuing to use the carhooks on the bottom two nodes. I will be deciding which node to top them at by looking at the side branching of the first and second nodes. If the side branch on the first node looks like it'll be vigorous I'll top at the 4th node. If not, I'll clear that node and top at the 5th.

I will be taking pics every day, but I'll be updating this journal every couple of days or so. There won't be any pics of the Skywalker OG once I place her in the ground due to security concerns.

As far as the DV goes, the best info on it will be from the winter grow in my sig, and the joint journal from In the Shed, and Virgin Ground. I'll be listing the information I can get, such as THC %, how long she took in flower, and what scents she presents, both in bud form and in a dry herb vape when that grow is completed and the lab results come back.

I'll post a pic of the seeds this evening when I set them to soak.

All are welcome to jump in, and questions, comments, and advice are always welcome!
Ooooooooo we get another journal to follow :cool: but awesome I like the theme... I'll check back later to see the start.... "To infinity and beyond"
Ooooooooo we get another journal to follow :cool: but awesome I like the theme... I'll check back later to see the start.... "To infinity and beyond"
Lol, Good to see you here!
And here are the seeds! From left to right we have Jack the Ripper, DV, Skywalker OG, and Romulan.
I'll be coming up with names for them later :D
Summer Grow 05 April 2022 Seeds.jpg
Mel, congrats on your exploration of the Final Frontier!

Looking forward. :Rasta:
Nice write-up. I'll follow along and am interested in following your training.
Mel, congrats on your exploration of the Final Frontier!

Looking forward. :Rasta:
Thanks, I've been looking forward to this since last October!
Nice write-up. I'll follow along and am interested in following your training.
Thank you! I'll be getting pics of each stage of it this time, even though I'll need to enlist a helper to take pics.
Looks like a good start. Romulan, there's a name I haven't heard in a while. That was a very popular strain in 90's, at least in the SF area. Best of luck!
Thanks! I never really knew strain names back in the 90's, although I was smoking back then. It was all WIG, lol.

Happy to have you all here!
Got them into the jiffy pucks today. I don't usually wait for them to pop in the water, I just like to get them well hydrated before putting them into soil.

Space Grow 06 April 2022 .jpg
Something I didn't mention is I'm starting some seeds for one of my neighbours. An Amnesia and a Blue Dream. I started them at the same time as I started my own, and sure enough, one of his plants has popped up first, lol.
Say hello to Amnesia.
Space Grow 08 April 2022.jpg
Day 1
I am happy to introduce you to Lucille Skywalker OG.
Space Grow 09 April 2022.jpg

In the background you can see my neighbour's Blue Dream seedling, and the shell of DV poking above the soil. The DV decided to reach for the sky like one of her predecessors did, and has been flipped around so her root is pointing down. We'll see if that fixes the problem. If not, I have plenty of other seeds to try out.
I will be putting Lucille into a seedling pot in the morning, and if the Blue Dream seedling has straightened up it'll be going into a pot as well.
That's it for today, thanks for checking in!
Day 3
I am proud to introduce you all to Jacinda and Divvy!
Turns out she didn't mind being turned over.
Sadly I don't think the Romulan will be joining us. Earlier today she had managed to get her root up to the surface and turned back around, but it looked weird, kind of like when a lizard has dropped its tail, and is growing a new one. It had also managed to push the soil aside from that side of the seed shell. I put some soil over her to keep the light off of her root tip, and to give her something to push against. If she hasn't figured things out in a day or two I'll pop a new one.
Space Grow 11 April 2022.jpg

Lucille on the other had is doing quite well so far. I was worried that having her under the t5s would cause her to stretch looking for more intense light, but so far that hasn't happened. Hopefully she'll stay happy under the t5s until the tent is free. If not I'll look at rigging up a shelf in there. It's not ideal, but I've done it before.
Space Grow 11 April 2022 - Lucille.jpg

Space Grow 11 April 2022 - Lucille 1.jpg

That's it so far, night all!
:happy-birthday: Jacinda, Divvy and Lucille!
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