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Hey all, I'm back with a fresh, clean start 😁. While I'm waiting for my mystery lady to finish up in I'm guessing 6 weeks.... That gives me plenty of time to start an auto run. So for this time around I'm going themed.... With a cookies grow. I'm doing two seeds one from @Herbies Seeds GODZILLA COOKIES, and one from @sensibleseeds BLUEBERRY COOKIES. I will do my best to keep this entertaining and as informative as i can..... but no promises on %100 😅...

Alright onto the set up:

GROW SPACE: 4x2x5 mylar grow tent, 10" clip on oscillating fan by @VIVOSUN , 8" clip on fan nonsponsored, digital hygrometer/thermometer x2, 2 liter fog coll air humidifier, 4" inline exhaust fan, and last but not least my drunken gnomes for good luck 😉

LIGHTING: 1 @ViparSpectra P1000 100W full spectrum (2020 model) and 1 nonsponsor full spectrum LED light "600W"... but realistically it's prolly closer to 100W. Both are fairly even in brightness. Also have a 90W Blurple that has been great for years on hand if I feel the new white led isn't cutting it.

MEDIUM: Fox Farms Ocean Forest® soil with added medium granule perlite. I will be growing in 3 gallon cloth pots by geopot's.

NUTRIENTS AND OTHER: As normal I will be using the top dress granules Veg and Bloom by @GeoFlora Nutrients . Also on hand is Lotus cal-mag, Big Budd bloom booster, and 209 pest control by Sierra Natural Science.

..... I think that covers that stuff......right? 😅 Ok on to prep of the new seeds. So for starters a quick mild salt bath just in case of ... You know ... Stuff lol... No but seriously a quick bath is just good practice ya never know what is on the outside that can harm the delicate inside. So after a paper towel dry I took some photos and got out the tools.... By tools I mean tweezers to hold the seed and a small file to sand the "sharp" edge of the seed, just until a slight color change can be seen with the eye on the edge. I have done this with every seed I have grown, and I have had most pop and have a tail within the first 24 hours... So pretty good results and I'll stick with what works...for me 😁. After a few more photos, off they went to start the soak. Both placed nicely in a pair of sake glasses.... Just keeping things fancy 😉.... After I got the seeds ready I started prep on the starter homes. The pot is a 4" tall by I think 3" wide... Not 100% sure but it sounds close. The bottom had netting out at the bottom to help hold in the bottom layer of perlite which helps keep the bottom from staying to wet. Then added the FFOF and perlite blend to the container.....filled all the way up way up " No wasted real estate", as a wise grower said.... A few 100 times 😂... You know who you are and it's solid advice 🤘🏼... And that about wraps it up for the introduction. I hope to see you guys in and out, and thanks for stopping.

Photos below of seeds and process.










Alright so as expected the seeds have split and have shown their tails after 24 hours soak with the edge sanding technique. This has been %100 effective with viable seeds in my experience, would recommend to any one 😁.. I don't have time this morning to do a full post, so I'll leave off here with a couple photos until later when I can give them their first homes.


Welcome back Happy! Those seeds are freaking HUGE! :rofl:
Welcome back Happy! Those seeds are freaking HUGE! :rofl:
Anything is huge under a microscope..... I'm Resisting urge to..... On second thought nvm 🤣.

And thanks budman I've actually missed all of you.... And I'm happy to be back 😁

Hello everyone, hope the day has been nice to you.... Has been fairly well on my end 😁. As soon as I got home I got to work on setting up the new seeds into the starter homes. I checked them this morning before leaving for work and they were ready. Once the seed cracks and the tail is showing, they go straight into the dirt...no dicking around...no worries about breaking a tap root....no fuss. They were planted about a 1/8+ inches down or about double the size of the seed....other than that the soil was misted moist and then caps placed on top...... Other than that now we wait.....and while we do that.... here's some photos of the seeds nestled in.







Happy Saturday morning everyone.... Real quick update, the babies have broken surface and looks like in the next day or two I'll have a better update and maybe some cute little sprouts to show off 😁. Enjoy your weekend here's some picz.






Here we go!! 6 hours after first checking the young ones, little miss Godzilla has decided today is her birthday :party:. Less than two days from dry seed to sprout is a record germination for me 😁🤩. So according to genetic info we're looking at 70 - 75 days seed to harvest... That's a short window for the beast of a plant it says it can be...so I'm ready to get to training as soon as I have something to start with.


Here we go!! 6 hours after first checking the young ones, little miss Godzilla has decided today is her birthday :party:. Less than two days from dry seed to sprout is a record germination for me 😁🤩. So according to genetic info we're looking at 70 - 75 days seed to harvest... That's a short window for the beast of a plant it says it can be...so I'm ready to get to training as soon as I have something to start with.

Happy Birthday :happy-birthday::high-five:

Stay safe
Bill284 😎


Happy Sunday funday all 😁.

Today I woke to a nice surprise little blueberry cookies had also decided to have a birthday 🎉🎂🥳.... She however did need a bit of assistance. She had shed the seed helmet just fine, but looked as though she was having issues popping out of the inner membrane... But no worries dad got to work, gave the top a little spritz with water, waited a moment and with a very thin piece of gardening wire slid the membrane off. So after a quick admiring sesh and pep talk.....( yes I talk to them and give them words of encouragement 😂.... And show them pictures of burning fields when they start acting up... :rofl:.) I sprayed the soil with about 15 sprays from the water bottle and put the domes back on.... And that's about all for now, so thanks for stopping through and have a great rest of your weekend.:headbanger:

Now for picz.






And we're off to a good start. They did some major growing over night 🤩, they are already a few inches tall....and before this got out of control I have raised them onto a plastic milk carton and lowered the light a bit as well. I'm going to get started layering the new homes in a couple days.... Who knows I may get anxious and prep it today 😅. Anyways .. I removed the domes so they can get used to the environment a bit, and then later tonight I'll throw the domes back on before lights out.... That should keep them warm during night temps. Other than that they are just two plants doing plant things 😁......now look at em ✌🏼😜✌🏼




Hey all guess what day it is....... Cmon...... Yea that's right huuuuump dayyyy 🐪🐫 😅. Hope everyonez week is going smooth. Minez good other than a predicted week long snow system that just arrived 😑... I'm not a fan of the cold or snow.

Ok onto the kidz, not to much movement has happened....which if my experience serves me right they will pick up pretty quick in two days.... I figure two days break surface and get situated ....2 days getting used to lights and environment....and 2-3 days building a stable root system......then usually about day 6-7 they (autos) get a burst of growth... And then the fun of shaping can begin 😁. So for now we just wait and watch.

I'm thinking of off center potting when they get transferred to their forever homes. I'm not a fan of topping autos as it does slow them down....and with a 70ish day window I will need all growth no pause for healing....so with that said the off center potting will be for training purposes. I always run out of room with exact center potting when training ... Always lopsided and requires lots of extra shaping lol. So figure start on the outside and train over pot instead of past it.

Onto the potting subject I was a goof and did not hit pay/check-out for my Dynomyco or my big bud🤦🏼‍♂️... So they are ordered. I will be layering the soil, a layer of PERLITE on the bottom. Ocean Forest perlite blend mixed with Dynomyco 1/3 bottom layer on top of perlite layer. Remaining space filled to the brim with Ocean Forest in 3 gallon fabric bags from geopot.

Other than that just happy plants hanging out. Thanks for stopping. :headbanger:






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