1. GodOfPot

    Garden Of Eden

    Welcome All...To The Garden Of Eden! Introduction First of all, I want to give a shout out to 2 members here.....Brightlight & Bobbrown! These 2 members have spent an incredible amount of time answering questions I've had over the past 5+ months...when I started my first grow last...
  2. GodOfPot

    Choosing A Romulan X Strain

    Hey folks, just looking for some opinions on strains out there so I can grab some seeds in planning for my next grow. Little back info, Romulan Haze has been my favorite smoke ever, though I wish it could be more intense!! I've come to realize that the taste/smell was from Romulan, so I'm...
  3. Jack420

    Skywalker OG X Romulan

    Has eny one herd of this strain
  4. Budd Aldrin

    Romulan masters step up!

    I remember some blaze I had that was supposedly from BC that had an awesome pine fragrance. I have searched the engine and signs point toward romulan or some others from the area. Now if anyone with any history, stories, crosses,pine strain comparison, arguments, BC area strains, I would like to...
  5. StupidNoob

    Cali Connection - Grape OG - 1000W HPS

    What's going on 420 mag? New to the forum, but I've got a few grows under my belt. Here's what I currently have going on: 1x Grape OG (took 4 clones on 5/3) [Grape Romulan x Tahoe OG] :thumb: I won this pack of seeds from Gorilla a while back & from the lineage, it can't be that bad of a...
  6. Nine Leafer

    Nine Leafer's Hydro Jack Herer/Pineapple Romulan/God's Gift Grow Journal - 2010

    So, I stumbled across SettingSun's LED vs HID grow journal (WOW!) and he gave me the inspiration to give this a go. It is my first indoor-hydro grow. I have down outdoor/soil in the past with success. As we all know the difficulties you face are different but similar with both situations. Having...