Romulan masters step up!

Budd Aldrin

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I remember some blaze I had that was supposedly from BC that had an awesome pine fragrance. I have searched the engine and signs point toward romulan or some others from the area. Now if anyone with any history, stories, crosses,pine strain comparison, arguments, BC area strains, I would like to hear it.

Korean war vets from the area, any info? Old skool stories of how these amazing outdoor (specifically PNW) strains came to be. I've seen a hundred stories, most reliable one may be Korean/Hawaiian/Colombian,idk. But thats my opinion.
The closest in seed form, from what I've read, is probably Next Generation. I know that one of the guys there was from Federation, but he bred a ROM x blueberry X ROM , using the ROM pollen several times to set back the blue traits. But I still hear people describing blueberry or fruit. The bud I remembered, was a strong sweet pine that was insane. It's not my favorite, but I think it deserves a spot in my rotation.
Oops. I forgot to use botany code.
It should have read " ROM X ROM x blueberry
Males should be mentioned first in the cross. Lol
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