1. T

    New try

    Any options on the green crack feminized?
  2. seanmac75

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Good evening all...(depending where on the globe you are)...I'm a fairly new grower. Ive been playing around with it for awhile, and recently decided to get serious about making it through a full grow. Ive tried several times and was never completely satisfied with the end result. My room is a...
  3. TorturedSoul

    Cold Weather Strains?

    I thought of this one whilst posting in one of SweetSue's threads earlier. I realized it would be very helpful to a lot of us if we had some sort of reference as to which strains would thrive - or at least survive from seed to harvest :rolleyes3 - at colder temperatures. And I'm not talking...
  4. B

    Vermifire soil users - Which nutes do you recommend?

    So, I've got a bag of Vermifire and it sounds like it should provide enough nutrition to get almost through veg, but after that I assume I need to start feeding. Any recommendations on what works well with this soil? I'm not completely hung up on 100% organic, but I don't want to kill off my...
  5. rock49911

    Any you grow in DIY greenhouse in upper midwest?

    :circle-of-love: My plan: Build a DIY greenhouse in U.P. MI and grow 12 plants. How you do it, what you build, you know of any websites, books anything, where go for information?:thanks:
  6. T

    Perpetual SoG coco coir pot size

    I want to start a SoG in a cabinet and have not found any information on the final pot size needed for clones that are going straight under 12/12. I feel like it wouldn't be much since it would be a single cola plant. Any recomendation on pot sizes would be helpful. Been looking at the...
  7. F

    Hello everyone I'm Felix

    Hey Community I´m Felix Müller and I´m a bit older (over 60) . I´m from Germany and had a hard live before I tried Marijuana especially CBD for the first Time. I also write a Blog about the things you are able to heal with Cannabis and how to use it. If you having any questions, just ask ! Ps...
  8. F

    Are these spider mites bites? Need help!

    Hi, I dont know what the fuck is going on. Are these spider mite bites??? I've looked everywhere on the web and they do not seem like it. it seems to be happening to one plant only, but there are other marks like this on the other plants. I havent found any spots or any ''mites'' under the...
  9. Teddy Edwards

    NOTM 420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: February 2018

    Welcome to the 420 Magazine Nug of the Month Contest. Please submit a photo of your best nug. (There is a separate contest thread for plants) The nug must be your own, either purchased or grown. Optionally, we'd love to hear about the strain, taste, aroma, potency, effect, weight or any other...
  10. F

    Safest seeds to Indy

    Anyone have issue getting seed in Indy. Who did u use and how did shipping go? Any recommendations is much appreciated.
  11. Curly Beaver

    Snow Temple from Bodhi question

    Is anyone familiar with Snow Temple from Bodhi? I can not find any info on it and have one that's ready to be chopped any day now. (9weeks.) The seed was gifted to me still in the original packet but it's been around awhile and I can't find any information on it. Thanks
  12. J


    I have bought packaged Marijuana from the pot shop. It is always dry(hardly any moisture to it). Is there any way to keep it from drying up more. Would putting it in the fridge help? Thanks..
  13. 4

    Water temps and PPM questions in DWC grow

    Im starting my first grow in both Coco and DWC Due to my research water temp should be kept around 20C, 60-65F I live in an area now temp around 5-15C, 41-59F So the water will get really cold during the dark I suppose? it's that gonna be a problem? Another question According to my...
  14. Justones

    2nd grow help

    Wanting to start my 2nd grow. 1st grow was outdoors in soil. This time I'm wanting to do indoors to control lighting & environment to flower sooner. Also in hopes to keep control of the bugs. Stuff I have ready and available: I am going to use a 2.5x2.5 ft area. It's our extra stand in...
  15. T

    Beginner's advice for making cannaoil

    I've been toying with the idea of making a small batch of cannaoil with the leftover trim I haven't thrown out yet and flaxseed oil, but I'm a total noob. I don't have the recommend 1-2 ounces of trim, but I figure just as a practice run I could cut the amount of oil to match and kinda wing it...
  16. N

    Any legal commercial cultivators out there?

    Hello, I am looking for some info on commercial cultivation. I live in the legal state of California and am looking for info/consulting for growing outdoor commercially this year. Not legal help but I have no clue where to purchase hoophouses, plants, soil, supplies or the like. Any info would...
  17. B

    Best LED results

    I'm looking for the best led light for the money my budget itsnt but 600 dollars I have a 5×5×6 room I usually try to have about 6 to 10 plants in it and I want this led to be kicking out some light and with fullspectrum with IR and UV does any one have any ideas
  18. V

    Grow light LED - Need advice

    Hello Everyone, I'll soon be starting (first time) a batch of white widow (just ordered from Crop King Seeds - hopefully I'll find the time to post a nice journal on 420 forum. So I'm getting everything ready. I was looking at about 4-5 plants in a 4x4 grow tent (initially considered 5x5...
  19. ckenney82

    What to grow next? Help please

    So i am writing this in hopes i can get some clarity on what to grow next. My first grow is WWAF from CKS. Almost done and experimented like crazy and i think im ready for at least feminised plants. I want to make my own strain soon though and not shy to make a mistake trying. How much...
  20. 4

    What's happening here? Branches dried out!

    I'm new to the site and have been enjoying reading these forums. So much valuable information here it's great! I've been growing for a few years but I'm not a pro by any means. Recently I came across a new problem and was hoping to get some Insight. I'm growing Purple Kush in a home made...
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