1. G

    Auto or Feminized seed?

    Hey guys ; I have been thinking be a grower for long time and decided to become one ! :) I need to some tips from you guys . anyway , i think , autoflowering strains are tempting and to me Sour diesel or Moby Dick are the best .! any suggestions about them ? or any strains ? Also , what...
  2. KidGrow420

    Hello world

    How's it going guy's n' gals'? GrowKid420 here. Been growing almost 15 years now. I like to be considered a breeder. I grow 95% my own strains I have created/cross bred in my laboratory. I used to live in the Napa Valley and I have traveled allot of the world doing what I do best. :) I heard...
  3. A

    Deformed leaves?

    So this is my first time growing medical ever or any kind for that fact. I have 3 seedlings that are all from bagseed. I transplanted them a couple days ago into ecoscraps potting mix, didn't have the money for fox farms. I haven't given the plants any extra nutrients yet. Due to my own...
  4. B

    50 watt LED spotlight any good for growing?

    Okay so it's my first time growing and I'm not looking to grow a whole crop just a single plant to see how it goes. So will a 50 watt LED spotlight be any good? It has a color temp of 6500k and I'm attempting to grow Swazi gold. I guess i should add it's a powerful spotlight they use at the...
  5. C

    Having trouble pressing rosin from kief - Please help

    howdy yall, so one of my friends and i are experimenting making rosin. we first used a cloth iron and cold water hash we made and we got a nice yield and a nice product. when we went to do the same thing with kief we got from dry ice sifting we barely got any and sometimes none at all. when i...
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