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What's going on 420 mag? New to the forum, but I've got a few grows under my belt. Here's what I currently have going on:

1x Grape OG (took 4 clones on 5/3)
[Grape Romulan x Tahoe OG] :thumb:

I won this pack of seeds from Gorilla a while back & from the lineage, it can't be that bad of a strain. The only negative thing I can see is that it's not a big yielder & the fact that most people don't like the breeder, at all.
It was outside for a while, but it's certainly no outdoor strain, as far as I can tell. It didn't hardly do shit but stretch while it was out there. Granted, it wasn't in the best spot.....but, it should of done more than what it did lol.

Currently vegging in a 3g pot, being fed AN's 2 part veg nutes (won't be using AN during flower, will be switching to Dutchmaster w/ Monsta Bud) & has been under the CFL light for about 3 weeks. It's going under the 1k today, to veg while the auto's flower. I'm going to let it veg until the first auto gets chopped, and then flip it & the other 2 photos I have vegging currently, which are: Buddah's Blue Cheese & Barneys Vanilla Kush.
We know it doesn't look like much now, but in about a month after growing under the big light, it should be really nice.


Here's some information about the strain (considering you can't hardly find shit on it, at all)

The Cali Connection - Grape OG
Grape OG from Cali Connections is a flavoursome character with a cerebral high to boot. A fast and resilient grower, with a flowering time of just 8 weeks - making her an excellent choice for cultivators looking for a cash crop with excellent yield potential.

Derived from Cali Connection, Grape OG is a strong and resilient plant oozing with succulent flavours. This potent hybrid mixes Grape Romulan with Tahoe OG Kush in an amazing way.

Thanks to her robust and vigorous nature, Grape OG is a breeze to grow. Inexperienced growers shouldn't have too much trouble getting to grips with this particular strain. On top of that, unlike regular Romulan, Grape OG flowers in just 8-9 weeks, making her a real queen of speedy weed. In terms of yields she is able to produce in the region of 300g per square metre.

For all your hard work you will be rewarded with a flower infused with a lemony, floral - esque bouquet; chock full of undertones of fuel and hash. Grape OG is a 60% sativa and 40% indica variety of cannabis and it is thanks to this variance that Grape OG's high is so satisfying.

For those on the hunt for a strain with a great depth of flavour (not to mention potency), should give Grape OG a shot

Also, here's my BC
:welcome: good to see you here. Nice looking plants!

Thank ya. Eh, they'll look better eventually. With my occupation i'm sometimes reliant upon another person to tend to my girls, so they could look better. I'm ready to switch everything to full on RDWC, to hell with this hand watering shit lol
Threw the Blue Cheese under there too, everything set to 18/6 w/ the AC running lol. Going to get everything to where they should be, health wise & just top the shit out of both of them lol
Went out there a few minutes ago & topped everything (on the photo's, obviously) that I could.
As you'll be able to see, the Grape is stretched out (I didn't do it lol, that's what happens when you let people that are stuck in the 70's do whatever they think's alright when you're away at work:rollingeyes:)

Blue Cheese:

Front/Back on the left: Alien OG x Triangle Kush (Auto) Week 4 now
Front Right: Sour Diesel (Auto) Week 3
Back Right: Grape OG (Photo)
I actually think these Autos will actually yield better than some I've seen, like I said, they're only in here just to have the big light going.

Vanilla Kush (Not quite sure what's going on with this lady, as she's pretty finicky regardless of everything)

I'm not very happy about how they were taken care of when I've been away at work, the person whose doing it is really still stuck back in the 70's with the way he grows. Very fucking aggravating....So, now while I'm home ill be nursing everything back to health. That's it for now, I'll be doing updates around 2x per week as I can.
These are the nutrients I'm going to switch to also:
DutchMaster Flower A/B (Base)
Ozi Magic - Monsta Bud (PK Booster)

I've used Advanced for a while & have been satisfied w/ the 2 part base & Bud Candy as the PK booster, but it's time for something new.
I like what you've got going on bro, gonna hang around and see how things go if you don't mind

Take a seat, hang out. I'll get everything back to where it should be & let them do their thing. After these clones root, I plan on vegging them for at least 2 - 2 1/2 months also lol
Here's some Blueberry I recently harvested. I think IF I ever decide to grow the strain again, I'll certainly buy 2x 10 packs of reg's and hope for the best. While there was nothing really wrong w/ the pheno I had, it just wasn't the best. This plant flowered for over 10 weeks. Personally, that's just too damn long for me, not to mention the fact it could of (should have) went another 10 days if not more. If it were a true 56-60 day strain & I found the right mother, I would probably grow nothing but BB. I love it.

Smoke report:
Smells like a super super pungent, yet very berry-ish
Has a mild taste of blueberry, but the taste and the smell just don't match up, sadly.
The high is alright, I would say 6/10 & is most definitely an indica.


Everything looks good going to sit down please.
How many cfl watts are you useing for veg. Plants look good. Thanks for shareing.

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So after an hour of going back and forth with a good friend of mine about seeds.... I ordered:

5x Blueberry x Colorado Ghost OG - Original Sensible

6 SFV OG - Cali Connection

The freebies are:
2x Cheese x Candy - Delicious Seeds.
If by some miracle either one of these turn out to be this pheno here & it's quality, I think I'll keep it around.

I've never had anything seized by customs when I've used herbies in the past.....Hopefully it doesn't start now.

Also, I ordered a few 15 gallon smart pots (for the grape), a new pH pen, DutchMaster Gold Flower A/B, and I'm just about to order another hood so I can run my other 1k lol
Customs hit my package I groaned when I seen green tape. To my surprise everything was there. Maybe I was lucky

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Well, herbies has always came through before so now shouldn't be any different hopefully lol. Even if they do, I'm sure they would resend it.
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