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  1. danishoes21

    Let's Go Summer Grow - Experimenting With My Own Crossbreeding - Summer Sativas

    Good Summer session to all, hope this one brings lots of joy! For this next couple months I will try to grow some of my own seeds, work hard and hope to see lots of buds if I can have a good grow! So on my most recent grow I got some seeds out of all my buds, they were pollinated at the...
  2. heanter

    Late flowering - Advice needed

    Hello, ı am growing 2 jamaican dreams and 1 missing in barcelona from eva seeds. For jamaican dream breeder gives flowering cycle up to 42 days. I am in my 5th week (day33) and ı don't think plants will be ready for that time. Does anyone tried growing Jamaican Dream ? ı have 400w air cooled...