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  1. 2020 Covid Grow

    2020 Covid Grow

    A bunch of ladies I had over this fall.
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    Donaldd's First 2015 MMJ Indoor Grow - 150W CFL

    -This is my first grow, so if you see anything that i overlooked, or am wrong about, please tell me! I already started my journal in a notebook, and since my plants arent near my computer, this journal isnt as accessible as paper and a pen. With that being said, Ill try to be as detailed as...
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    Deep Water Culture - Blueberry x Juicy Fruit - Lost Strain - Bluejuice LED Grow

    hey everyone I started up another grow, this time with a killer strain I have germinated and got them going in my 'tulip bubbler' I will update pics tonight of my progress :Namaste:
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