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  1. Kandy Kush

    Kandy Kush

  2. Kandy Kush

    Kandy Kush

  3. More Kandy Kush hanging out

    More Kandy Kush hanging out

  4. Small Batch of Kandy Kush

    Small Batch of Kandy Kush

  5. Flower room full

    Flower room full

  6. NavNurs

    Pak Chit Kush, Kandy Kush, GDP & Ghost Train Haze 3x3 With 1200W LED In Soil

    Folks, I'm on my 4th grow (at 5 wks Veg) with 4 strains and thought I'd add another journal to this amazing site! I've been watching/learning and hope to avoid some errors of the past (Said by no one else, ever). Grow #1 had a small light = airy buds, #2 overwatered/over fed and #3, I watered...
  7. C

    Summer 16 Outdoor Grow - KK Chem GSC Biodiesel

    Been contemplating on doing his but I figured I had some pics so I might as well start my grow journal before my ladies get into full flower. I'm considering this last week week 1 of flower. I'm growing as you see in the title. GAC KK GTH Thai Lights and Chem. I'll post some pics for you all as...
  8. TumultuousHPY

    First Grow In Five Years - 5 Strains

    Hey all... getting my grow on again, after not having sufficient space for five years. Went to a local dispensary and picked up some clones. x1 Red Headed Stranger (RHS), x1 Afghani (AF), x1 Goji OG Queen Mother (GOG), x1 Kandy Kush (KK) and x3 Cherry Lime Haze (CLH). I have substantial space...
  9. Z

    Kandy Kush - CFL Grow - 1st time

    Hi guys, i posted this on another site but wasnt getting any responses and as a first time grower i would like some feedback on my grow, weather im doing it wrong or right, and perhaps some tips. Strain - Kandy kush Lights - 2x 150 w CFL Techniques - Topping, LST defoliation Hi...
  10. KushMeister

    KushMeister's First Grow, Kandy Kush, SleeSkunk, Haze

    The Basics What strain is it? 2 Haze, 2 SleeSkunk, 1 Kandy Kush Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Haze (100% +/- Sativa), SleeSkunk (70% Sativa), Kandy Kush (60% Indica) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower Veg for how long? 4-5 weeks If in Flower stage... For how long? 1 week...
  11. S

    Help needed on sog kandy kush 1000 watt

    About to do a 50 plant sea of green with kandy kush. Was gonna using perlite and verm mix. Using 1000 watt in 4x4. Any advice on it? I was gonna veg for 4 weeks then flip to bloom. Do you think I can get at least an oz per plant with a month of veg?
  12. L

    Chop at 7 weeks 'cause of Bananas? Please advise! (pics)

    Crap, was checking out my Kandy Kush x Skunk #1 at day 47, and noticed about 4-5 bananas on the top of the main cola. Then I found the occasional banana on a few other buds. Rushed for tweezers and carefully plucked them all, combing over the plant like a baboon grooming its mate looking for...
  13. Android

    1st Time Attempt at Aerotubes: Indoor SOG Kandy Kush 400W HPS

    I decided to start a journal of my upcoming grow. Right now I am drilling holes for sprayers and the army of clones is almost ready to inhabit the new 64 site SOG rig. This is a test so far - mods: please let me know if I am out of line in any way. Will update when I get the first set of...
  14. M

    Plant will not tolerate any smoke - True or False

    I read somewhere that you should not smoke pot in your grow room, or burn incense. Is this true or a rumor? I am doing a closet grow that is vented to the next room, so would it be OK to smoke in my room (office)?
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