1. CannaPot

    New WeedSeeds At The Cannapot Hempshop - Karma, Elemental Seeds & More

    Hello :Namaste: We have new stuff at our shop, the new feminized seeds by KarmaGenetics here @ Karma Genetic female : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot BUT especially the WHITE OG is an incredible strain, highly recommended, highly respected and absolutely powerful seeds by Karma Genetics @...
  2. K

    Karma Chameleon 2012

    YouTube - Karma Chameleon 2012 Watch for the leaf ;)
  3. eScott

    Why must I break so many glass bowls?

    If this is karma, I must've been a real asshole in a past life. I swear to jeebus everytime I get a pipe, cheap or serious heft blown glass, I'll break that shit in a week. Can't blame the wife, can't blame the cats. It's always me. Outta my lap to floors, spontaneous shattering. It's me. Bad...
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