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Why must I break so many glass bowls?


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If this is karma, I must've been a real asshole in a past life.
I swear to jeebus everytime I get a pipe, cheap or serious heft blown glass, I'll break that shit in a week.
Can't blame the wife, can't blame the cats. It's always me.
Outta my lap to floors, spontaneous shattering. It's me.
Bad glass mojo.

Wonder whats new in titanium nowadays?

( as I sit here and smoke from my latest pipe whose stem snapped clean off, I had no other options but bongs so I slapped 2 inches of garden hose where the stem was. Ghetto as all hell but it works til my next disposable glass pipe)


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gravity is a bitch, ecspecially when your on the wrong end.
you know those little pouches used for holding a remote so it doesnt get lost? maybe one of those but for a pipe.
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